14 th Annual Tournaments of Chaos The Dark Isle: Enter at your own risk!

August 06 - August 08, 2021

Site is Little Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH (View Map).
Site opens at 3:00pm and closes at 6:00pm.

Event starts at 05:00 PM, on Friday August 06, 2021.
Event ends at 05:00 PM, on Sunday August 08, 2021.

Cost is $15.00 prereg 15.00 At the door.
Cost via Paypal is $15.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Ken Crowley
Kaitlin Haslam
Bradford Roby
Other Contacts
Peter burgess (Head Marshal)
Andrew V. Disbrow
Event Description

Come one come all to another fun year of
chaos and laughter. This
year we will be holding it In the Creathorne embassy on the Dark Isle. Once again will be having a feast on Saturday. So come
enjoy food, tourney, and fun.

Celtrex of Creathorne
Pathfinder of Creathorne
High Priest of Markel
Priest of Corellion Lotherian
Protector of Stonewood
Lord of Sharangil

A note from your friendly Tree Spirits:

Bring your healing, leave your darkness for it is too strong already. The Fang ones are growing in number once more. A mysterious mist has been seen with reports of a castle phasing in and out in the dark part of the Forest. Help us push them back before the Forest of Life is no more for your previous ways of helping don't seem to be working any longer.


Most of you have met me before, I am Sir Merrick Of the Silverlight. I am the Guardian of the Dark Isle. There have been many disturbances as of late so please be advised to be very careful should you venture outside the Creathorne Embassy. Should you need my assistance I will be attending the Tournaments. Hope to see you once again.


Sir Merrick of the order of the Silverlight

Tournaments sat and sun:

single short (3', 3'8)
sword and Shield(thx Henry lol)
hand and a half (4'6, 5')
one man (limited, unlimited)
one woman (limited, unlimited)
caster (one path, two path, three path)
double dagger
great weapons (two handed 6'6, two handed
thrust only)
combat archery
long sword (hand and a half, 2 hands must
be on weapon at all
times, ~ only kill shots count)
5 points to victory (any weapons, 5 points
total armor, armor set
at ~ beginning of tournament)
grimloch ten match
Florentine marn and single short
spirit and steel
grand melee (limited, unlimited)
tag team (unlimited)
tag team 5 man (unlimited)
knights and squires
squires challenge
champions challenge
chaos challenge(roll a d20 fight with what
ya get)
Chaos grand melee(random weapons)
foot race
chaos ninja

tournaments sat night

beirut tournament (double elim single
player, double elim doubles)
bardic dance, comedy, singing, story, art
armor competition
foam smith
Radstar's Lightning bowl
Dygen' Chaos Challenge

all weekend

most honorable
most chaotic
most lawful
most shady
most badass

tentative tournaments (if time provides)

live knife throw
live axe throw
live archery
northern boff arrow golf

Day and Night questing will be available.

Stay Chaotic!

Also Vandoria's Vestment shop will be there Friday and Saturday.

Rules Changes and Notes

PayPal will be shut off by Friday morning of the event.

~ Those that wish to "stop by" but not participate in the event must be approved of by the Site Holder (Andy) prior to arriving.

~ Documentation must be provided to EH's should a positive test of Covid happen after attending the Event to help negate undo panic.

~ Hand sanitizer will be readily available to those that need it.

~ We will not be asking for Vaccination cards upon Check-in. We are trusting that you will be honest if your are vacinated or not.

~ Those that are not vaccinated must wear a mask while in tournies or in close proximity to one another, while those that are vaccinated are not required to wear a mask.

~ Those Vaccinated will be given a wristband showing they are vaccinated.

~ Sanitizing wipes will be available for weapons, equipment, hands, ect.

~ Omnibus rules in effect.
~ Regional rules in effect.
~ Regional magic in effect.
~ Chaos magic (rules) in effect.
~ Site rules in effect

For the purposes of this event, all 3path spellcasters will be required to use 3' weapons. If you are a 3path this will not break your restriction. We are putting this in place to help keep a minimum 6' distance between combatants.

~ THIS IS A DAMP SITE: Valid ID must be provided and a seperate wrist band will be given to those that wish to partake in the Damp site. Zero Tolerance policy in effect.
~ Registration will close at 9pm Friday and Saturday night, and will reopen both mornings at 10am.

There is a Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to the site rules listed here.

~ The Pope of Chaos, The Space Pope of Chaos, Cardinals of Chaos, Church of Chaos and Knights of Chaos will be given a random ability for this events.

~ALL Knighthoods listed in the 1998 Omnibus will recieve their traditional knightly powers(Knights of SableDragon,Knights of Creathorne, Avatars of Chimeron etc.)

~Knightly guantlets in Affect.

Other Notes

Any dietary restrictions please email Celtrex@hotmail.com or Allisandra52211@gmail.com

Feast will consist of Burgers,Hot Dogs,Pasta and Salad. Simple food for All:)

Also we will require everyone to we a mask while being served food in the dinner line Saturday night.

At this Point were full on npcs. Also a reminder this event has day and night questing during tournaments. So if you are in a tournament u may need to be prepared for anything. We will never interrupt a tournament in progress.

Little Creathorne Farm
Grafton, NH

For GPS: 702 main St. Grafton, NH

google maps has it listed as: 771 Mascoma Valley Rd, Grafton, NH

From the Southeast (middle and southern NH, and anywhere in MA
east of
you will want to take route 93 North through NH. From MA or CT
can get to route 93 from routes 495, 3, and 95(128). Take route 93
North through Nashua, Manchester, and Concord.
If you are coming from the Northeast, you want to take 93

Get off at exit 17, just North of Concord. This should put you
route #4. Take route 4 West. Route 4 runs concurrent with routes 3
11 off and on during this trip, so make sure you stick with the
route! You should pass through several small towns, including
Boscawen, Andover, Franklin, and Danbury. It take about 30 minutes
get from route 93 to Grafton (it?s about 30.5 miles to the
Creathorne is 3.5 miles from the Grafton/Danbury town line, on the
right. There is a white sign that says ?Little Creathorne Farm? in
plain sight. The farm house is a white color.
Pull in through the gate in the wooden fence (NOT the driveway)
park in the area defined by the logs, on either side of the small
right there. I will have Creathorne, Black and gray shields near
road in the day light, and torches burning at the gate at night,
this site is usually very easy to find.

From the Northwest, VT, NY, or anywhere West of Springfield,
you?ll want to come into Grafton from the other direction. Take
91 (which runs up the NH/VT border) to 89S into Lebanon, NH. You?
ll be
getting off, at exit 17. This should put you on route 4. Take
route 4
East, passing through Enfield and Canaan, and into Grafton. It
about 35 minutes to get from route 89 to Grafton (it?s about 20
to the border). Creathorne is about 10-15 minutes from Canaan
on the left.