RealmsCraft Questing Finale X Marks the Rot!

March 05, 2022 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event Holders were Patrick Bobell, Ryan Keller, Rose Whittle.

Event Description
The following notice is posted around the busier markets and taverns of the Realms:

"A few months ago, a couple dozen adventurers hunted down the lieutenants of a powerful necromancer and pieced together map fragments identifying a location along the southern coast of the Realms. The Chimeron Militia has scouted the area and determined it to be in dramatic need of heroic assistance.

There used to be five thriving settlements in the area: A port city, a logging and fishing town on a lake, a small mining village, a collection of extremely fertile farms, and a bustling mountain city that developed around a Duke's castle are on the verge of complete destruction. It seems the castle was taken by the necromancer some time ago, and their undead have already overrun the surrounding city and the farming hamlet. Nightly attacks on the remaining locals are ongoing, and without assistance they are unlikely to last through the end of February.

Chimeron is mobilizing a militia contingent to assist the locals, but the aid of professional adventurers is necessary to ensure a successful defensive effort and then put an end to the root of the problem - the necromancer themself. Nothing is known about who this necromancer is or where they came from. A year and a half since their work was discovered in Chimeronian caverns, it is finally time to bring them to justice!

A ship leaving from Chimeron City will be arriving at the coastal city, Jensport, on March 5th. Any available heroes should book a berth on the ship or arrange to meet it there. The day of the 5th, you will help encourage the locals, assess tactical points of interest in the region, and assist in constructing defenses. Through the night, you will do your best to see these beleaguered people through 'til morning. At long last, at daybreak, you will assault the necromancer's fortress and halt the continued corruption of the land.

Any interested adventurers in need of more information may address their inquiries to the Warlord of Chimeron, Sir Saka."


Everyone who wants to play needs to fill out this short form to register:

You can join the RealmsCraft Discord server with this URL:

For those who haven't played at a prior RealmsCraft quest, our goal is for first-time players and Minecraft veterans alike to have a fun time playing through the quest! This is a free, virtual, unofficial Realms event using the Java version of Minecraft, plus a mod that adds proximity voice chat. We've built an IC Realms quest and coded in classes of custom PC and NPC abilities to bring Minecraft gameplay a lot closer to the Realms' system.

This quest should take about 3-5 hours to complete, with a hard limit at 6 hours. We'll open the server in advance so you can set up your character build, test out controls, and run through the tutorial we've set up for folks who are new to Minecraft.

We have 3 loaner accounts for folks who don't have a copy of the game yet! While there is no event fee, you will need to have a computer that can run Minecraft.

Registered Players:
1. Ethan Knight
2. Pi Fisher
3. Ian Diamond
4. Eric Willisson
5. Cameron Huneke
6. Dustin Mack
7. Zachary Koval
8. Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
9. Brookelyn Gingras
10. Thei Riley
11. Javier Rodriguez
12. Danielle Pushee
13. Becky Baron
14. Charlie Pottow
15. Jessie Crews

16-20. Available
Event Wrap-up
Hi everyone! The final event in the 2020-2022 RealmsCraft Questing storyline was a blast for us to run, and we hope all of our players had fun as well!

While I can't say our intrepid heroes were entirely successful in keeping the local populace alive, they did manage explore the very large area in need of their protection, hack and slash their way through an overrun mine to extract some (extremely volatile) dynamite, blast their way into the Necromancer's mountain stronghold, slay the undead generals of War, Famine, Plague, and Death, kill the Necromancer, destroy the Necromancer's soul prism, and then defeat the Necromancer and their generals' Shades in a final grueling fight. (To their credit, several adventurers also elected to stay in the area to help the surviving locals rebuild their homes.)

We attempted to raise the bar with each of the four events in this series, and the RCQ mechanics and events we've run could seriously rival some of the best custom content built in Minecraft elsewhere on the internet. I'm incredibly proud of the outstanding work Ryan Keller, Rose Whittle, Kersten Prince, Owen West, and Ryan Welch put in throughout the pandemic to knock these quests (and extra content at other virtual events) out of the park. I've been the main person communicating to the community about this iteration of RealmsCraft endeavors, but I want to make it clear that everyone who contributed as staff throughout the series was instrumental in its success. They each brought a lot of curiosity, challenge, and joy to the Realms community through their time and effort.

For this event in particular, a big thanks from all of us on staff goes out to Becky B. and Alana R. for testing our shakier encounters and mechanics the week before the event. Your fresh eyes were a big help in finding issues that we were able to fix before the quest ran for real!

We also need to credit Steve Johnson for initiating the original RealmsCraft effort way back in 2011. Minecraft is a fantastic platform for creative expression and allows us to own, share, and visualize the Realms world with even more WYSIWYG than we can normally enjoy in-person. There's a good chance we might not have had the idea to work on this pandemic-era effort without the experience of building Realms nations in the first RealmsCraft map all those years ago.

If you played this weekend: We'd love to get your feedback at
Part of the survey includes a section to list parts of the event you'd like captured in screenshots or video clips - a couple of us on staff were able to run a mod that recorded the action around us and Kersten has graciously offered to go through the recordings to document favorite moments! (Like this extraordinarily in-character clip of Iawen pushing Rosetta off a crow's nest for funsies: ) Clips and screenshots will be available through once they're saved and uploaded throughout the next week or so.
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