Rhiassa Presents: Echoes of Ragnarok VI The Quiet Year

October 23, 2021

Site was West Stafford Fire Department Pavilion - Stafford Springs, CT.

Event Holder was Jason T Rosa.

Event Description
It has been many, many months since the adventurers of the Realms walked across the Vanfrost and set right the wrongs of Norlund. At their first and last meeting, the new Asir and Vanir spoke to those heroes and told them there was one final task that remains for them on the day that they return.

This is not that day.

In the not so distant future perhaps you will hear from Ulric of the Jomsvikings once more as he beckons you forth to his domain. But he has not called you yet.

This is not a day about fixing anything that has happened in Norlund.

This is a day about learning what has happened while you've been away.

This is a day where you will weave the stories that have defined the rebirth of Norlund after the heroes of the Realms delivered it from Ragnarok and fates worse than that.

After almost a decade of destruction and fear and the resolution to go down in darkness, Norlund has been left with this.

One quiet year.

And you all must be the tellers of the tales therein.
Event Wrap-up
Hello everyone,

I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who made Echoes of Ragnarok: The Quiet Year a success. Alex and Katie Cannamela, Ben Hamilton, and Dave Kopchick all did a fantastic job as game marshals, guiding the players through their world-building, story-telling adventure, guaranteeing everyone had an incredible experience. Natalia Kostenko, Greg Falconer, Tom Gallagher, and Jax Kusleika were instrumental in setting up and marshaling the puzzle and physical challenges. And Lani Jones, as usual, kept everyone well fed and provided a hearty and delicious dinner.

Of course I also need to reserve a gigantic thank you for all of the players. I made no secret about the fact that this would be a very untraditional event and when you plan something that diverges so far from the norm there are obviously some risks that everything won’t go as planned. But what immediately set my mind at ease was how quickly and how thoroughly everyone jumped into their roles and started telling their stories. Throughout the day the sounds of shock, drama, and laughter echoed around the pavilion and I felt confident that everyone had immersed themselves in the tales of Norlund that they were creating. The greatest reward, however, was listening to everyone after the event was over, gleefully telling each other parts of the stories that they wrote through the day, sharing anecdotes, asking questions, comparing experiences. It’s the greatest joy an event holder can have when there are still players telling stories about the event to one another even as he has to finally close down the site when everything is done.

As always, I would deeply appreciate feedback from my players by way of event reviews on RealmsNET. We’re going to start gearing up for the final event in the Echoes of Ragnarok plotline, so understanding the event from your perspective is more valuable to us than ever. Thank you again to everyone involved and we can’t wait to invite you to Norland one last time.

Jason and the EoR Plot Team
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