Feast of Folkestone XXI Whose Kitchen? Matiya's Kitchen.

September 03, 2021

Site is Lone Tree Scout Camp - Kingston, NH (View Map).
Site opens at 04:00 pm and closes at 12:00 am.

Event starts at 06:00 PM, on Friday September 03, 2021.
Event ends at 12:00 AM, on Saturday September 04, 2021.

Cost is $30.00.
Pre-registration ( money, magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Liz Butler
Other Contacts
Zachary Senchuk (Magic Marshal)
Jason Gray
Event Description

TBD, but FOOD and Casino! And an Auction!

Rules Changes and Notes

The staff of Feast of Folkestone places community safety above all else. For 2021 we will be REQUIRING all players and staff to be fully vaccinated against Covid, and past the inoculation period for whichever vaccine they have received.

Sadly this means that people not medically able to receive the vaccine and children will not be able to attend.

This event will be a capped, pre-reg only event. We will be requiring everyone to show proof of vaccination before the event by sending a photo of their card to (TBD) by 8/31/2021, along with all other pre-reg requirements.

We understand that photos can be faked or altered. Should someone attempt this, and we find out, that player will be banned from our events for the foreseeable future, and we will bring charges to the CRB against that individual. We hope and expect that our player base has enough respect for the community for this to not be an issue.

We understand that this is not ideal, and we did not come to the decision lightly. It is our hope that in 2022 we will feel fully confident hosting an event that everyone is able to attend.

If there are questions related to this statement, please reach out to Jason.

Other Notes

Event will have a cap of 60 players. Reg will open 8/1/2021.

Lone Tree Scout Camp
Kingston, NH

From South:
Take 495N to 125N. Stay on 125N until you see the intersection of
Newton Junction Rd. and Rt. 125. (there will be a set of lights at
the intersection). Take the right at the Lone tree Scout Council
sign. At the stop sign, go left.

From North:
101E to 125S. Stay on 125S until you see Pondview Restaurant. Take
the next left at the Lone Tree Scout Council Sign. At the stop sign,
go left.