Exotic Items, Creatures, & Wares 3.5 A Stop Gap Measure

October 02, 2021

Site is World Under Wonder - Ascutney, VT (View Map).
Site opens at 10:30AM and closes at 11:30PM.

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday October 02, 2021.
Event ends at 08:00 PM, on Saturday October 02, 2021.

Cost is $10.
Pre-registration ( magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Travis Wilcox
Event Description

Greetings adventurers,
It has been some time since we have seen many of you enter the lands of Stonewood. Too long I must say. In recent weeks a shimmering red portal snapped open and from it flowed a tide of creatures and began assaulting one of our villages. They appear to be looking for something or perhaps someone. I have dispatched a small group of guards to help defend the village while we get things prepared for a more fortified defence of the village but reports are coming in that they are barely able to hold back the waves of creatures that crash against its fortifications. I ask that you bring sword and spell to aid this poor village. There is something strange and familiar with this attack. Be prepared for a fight when you arrive.

Lord Sir Elwin O’Bearikin

Rules Changes and Notes

Per Standing policy within the Omnibus, Event protocols can be adjusted as needed by EHs up to 72 hours prior to the event, as regulations change. Please check back as the event approaches for any updates.

All participants must be vaccinated, and past the inoculation date, with proof of vaccination via card or photo or card, will be permitted to play. Masks for all participants are suggested for all indoor activities when they are not actively sitting at a table and eating or drinking.

A list of all attendees and contact information will be collected for Contact Tracing. The information that will be collected will be the players name and either their phone number or email address.
If you misrepresent yourself, it will be considered cheating.

Please register for this event though realmsnet so I can keep an accurate running tally of participants. If you are unable to register though the site please contact me personally so I can ensure you are counted for.

Regional Magics will be in effect
Site Rules will be in effect
Knightly Gauntlets will be in effect

Other Notes

This event has a cap of 60 people total. I will update this post if we become close to that cap.

This event could run longer than the listed end time but will have a hard cut off of 11PM.

This will be a drug and alcohol free site.

Smoking is restricted to the parking lot only.

Smokeing in Parking Lot only.

World Under Wonder
5755 US-5
Ascutney, VT 05030

I93N to 89N
Get off exit 5 for US 202
Take the NH-114 Exit twords Henniker/Bradford
Turn Right onto NH-114 twords Bradford
At the Intersection turn Left onto NH Rte-103W
Vere Left onto Bradford Rd
Turn Left onto Maple St
Continue on to 103W
Turn Right onto North St
Turn Right to 103W
Cross the Connecticut River into Vermont
Turn Right onto Rt 5
Site will be on your right.
Park in parking lot.