Exotic Items, Creatures, & Wares 3.5 A Stop Gap Measure

October 02, 2021

Site was World Under Wonder - Ascutney, VT.

Event Holder was Travis Wilcox.

Event Description
Greetings adventurers,
	It has been some time since we have seen many of you enter the lands of Stonewood. Too long I must say. In recent weeks a shimmering red portal snapped open and from it flowed a tide of creatures and began assaulting one of our villages. They appear to be looking for something or perhaps someone. I have dispatched a small group of guards to help defend the village while we get things prepared for a more fortified defence of the village but reports are coming in that they are barely able to hold back the waves of creatures that crash against its fortifications. I ask that you bring sword and spell to aid this poor village. There is something strange and familiar with this attack. Be prepared for a fight when you arrive.

Lord Sir Elwin O’Bearikin
Event Wrap-up
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