A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Uncle Cecil’s Tavern Fifteen Years and Going Strong!

December 18, 2021

Site was Maynard Elk's Lodge - Maynard, MA.

Event Holder was Becky Baron.

Feastocrat was Beth Tozier.

Event Description
While Crazy Uncle Cecil himself is still recovering from his battle wounds, the rest of the team had to find a new tavern to host a Yule party worthy of his name. 

Saturday 12/18 Approximate Schedule:
3:00: Site Opens and you can check in.
3-4: IC Hall Setup. Anyone who is on site at this time is de facto volunteering to help with setup!
4: Reading of the Rules
4:30: YuleLympics starts!
5:00: First Toast, bar opens
5:30: Poker Tournament - 50g buy-in
6:00: Father Yule for Kids
6:30: Father Yule for Adults
After Father Yule leaves: Twen's Gift Swap
After Gift Swap: Charity auction, supporting Operation Delta Dogs (https://operationdeltadog.org/)
9:30: Last Call
10:00: Event ends
Event Wrap-up
Thank you, everyone for attending A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Uncle Cecil’s Tavern. 

This announcement comes a bit late, but with the intent of it being 2 weeks past the required waiting period for contact tracing. I am pleased to announce that there were no reported positive COVID cases with contact at this event. Thank you everyone for being safe, including people who chose to not attend the event due to possible exposure.

Between the pandemic, the weather, the venue change, the format change, and everything else going on right now, I truly appreciate each and every one of you who chose to spend your day celebrating the season with your Realms family. There were people there for whom this was their first event, people there whose realms careers are older than some of the other players, and everything in between. It was a lovely event and I appreciate and love you all.
Some specific Thank Yous

Thank you to our core staff: Kelly Bonci, Beth Tozier, Matt Brenner, Sean Veale, and Pat Bobell who all contributed to the event. This is a giant team effort and none of us can do it without all of us.

Thank you to everyone who donated to and/or bought tickets for the charity auction. We raised over $1100 for Operation: Delta Dogs! This is one of our biggest years!

Thank you to John "Florentine Fizzysocks" and Staycee "CC" Rescigno for Yulelympics! It was wonderful to watch everyone playing these festive games. Thank you for all the planning that went into it as well as the execution day of.

Thank you to Dennis Coffey, Kim Coffey, Stephen Sanford, Devon Power, Steven Matulewicz, Jason Gray, Angie Gray, Paul Tilton, Tucker Noyes, Kyle Yazinka, Tom Gallagher, Travis Wilcox, Eric Willisson, Anthony Quintana and Janna Oakfellow-Pushee for helping to make Yule wishes come true. 

Thank you to David Rubenstein and Brendan Turcotte for your assistance with the casino.

Thank Yous from Beth in the kitchen:

Becky and Eric Garbos: for hauling me around for a week to shop and for last minute help with prep the night before. Both of them did amazing. They didn't have to help, but they stepped right up when I needed them most.
James Murphy for helping me get things to and from the event.
Kelly (hi!) For cooking the turkeys off site. John Bernini for helping with the turkeys. 
Becky Baron for keeping me sane all week 
Eric (Ged) for being our DishPerson.
Meg W (Cimone) for being my #1 in the kitchen. 
Samantha Flanagan for being my second #1 
Everyone that cycled in and out as we needed them: Hannah B, Kelly P, Pat M, Tom R, Zack K, Zack E, Charlie P, AJ, Ethan, Ken
Everyone did amazing and kept up with my chaos kitchen. The food would never have made it were it not for them all. 
A second shout to Becky Garbos: no words can possibly help me say how much she helped and how much it meant to me.

There is no official PEL for this event, but the staff are always happy to hear your feedback from the event. Tell us what you liked and what you didn't like. 

Stay safe!
Sans Flamme
Your UCCT Staff
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