Feast of Chimeron 27.5

July 09, 2022

Site was Sunderland Town Park and Pavilion - Sunderland, MA.

Event Holder was Eric Willisson.

Feastocrat was Rhiannon Chiacchiaro.

Event Description
**Player Cap has been reached and registration is closed.**

Chimeron's annual feast returns! Please join us in the reclaimed lands of Darkvale, where the newly-named Count of Darkvale will welcome you for a day of feasting. The strong connection between the land and Fae will certainly not lead to any unexpected shifting of the location of the entire meal, and so you can expect a delicious and safe feast outdoors, with a variety of activities and interesting people to meet.

In Chimeron one must expect the unexpected, so do be prepared to venture forth in small groups, perhaps up to 10 in number, both before and after your afternoon meal, which will be enjoyed outdoors in the fresh air. In the evening, low-key tavern fare will encourage conversation with faces old and new, while not keeping you anchored to a table.

Bards of all levels will be welcome to perform during dinner for an event-unique badge for their bardic sash.
Event Wrap-up
First, please consider filling out our [Post-Event Letter (PEL)](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFUP9HienPJeY5R51AzagXGJcAanlGGEwyFtioQlUjKZ5QKw/viewform).

It's not every day that you get a positive test for an illness and realize that will prevent you from attending an event with your name on it. But we live, as they say, in unprecedented times.

Thank you to everyone who attended, to play, to work, and who did both whether they had planned to or not. A special thank you to the several newer players from WPI who stepped up to NPC despite having attended so few in-person events. Thank you, too, to the people who came to help NPC from outside Chimeron: Jason Rosa, Lani Jones, and Josh Learned.

I want to deeply thank in particular Rhiannon Chiacchiaro, Melissa Metzger, Pat Bobell, Becky Baron, and Matt Brenner, who each led truly essential parts of the event. Had it not been for immense efforts on their parts, there would have been no event.

And now, a few words from Rhiannon, as feastocrat:

A massive and sincere thank you to the feast crew, both in the kitchen and on the grill, who worked all day to do something brand new. It was an intense undertaking, both logistically and in execution, and every single person was an invaluable contributor to making sure we had a successful event. If a name is missing here, it's 100% due to post-event brain dumb, and not at all a lack of appreciation.

-  Greg Falconer
-  Ian and Sarah Pushee
-  Rose Whittle
-  Diana Learned
-  Beth Tozier
-  Josh Learned
-  Kathy Fey
-  Stephanie Kubasek

Additionally, there are a few people who went above and beyond to contribute to the planning, preparation, and cleanup from this event. The past week or so presented a number of challenges; at times it felt the universe was conspiring to keep this event from happening. But this is where the community stepped up and stepped in. By providing extra time, effort, materials, and labor, they made it possible for FoC to exist and to run successfully. A number of them weren't in Chimeron, some didn't even attend the event. But they answered the call of someone in need, and for that they should be recognized.

In no particular order:

-  Kim Coffey
-  Leanne Micciche
-  Melissa Metzger
-  Zach Emmert
-  Kersten Prince
-  Becky Baron
-  Stephen Sanford
-  Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
-  Pat Bobell
-  Andrew Bancroft
-  David Rubenstein
-  Ken Belsito
-  Sean Veale

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Eric Willisson and Rhiannon Chiacchairo

P.S. Again, please consider filling out the [Post-Event Letter (PEL)](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFUP9HienPJeY5R51AzagXGJcAanlGGEwyFtioQlUjKZ5QKw/viewform).
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