Paladin's Call A FUNd raiser for our world

October 13 - October 15, 2023

Site is Sterling "The Hall @ 34 Ford Road" - Sterling, MA (View Map).
Site opens at Friday 5pm and closes at Sunday 6pm.

Event starts at 06:00 PM, on Friday October 13, 2023.
Event ends at 05:00 PM, on Sunday October 15, 2023.

Cost is $30.
Cost via PayPal is $31.20 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Kelly Bonci
Becky Baron (Unofficial)
Christina Hayden (Unofficial)
Stephen Sanford (Unofficial)
Event Description

Welcome to the first annual Paladin's Call. There is a hole in our community, and there is nothing that can fill it. while this event was first created to remember Dave/Vawn, it feels remis to acknowledge other community members who are no longer with us. In addition to the fun tournies and quirky quests we all love (I know Dave did too) we will have a memory wall. Please bring pictures and momentos. we will tell stories, sing songs, and rejoice that we had these people in our lives.

The team has been working hard, and we will be bringing you a little of everything. Questing, tournaments, games, friends, and fundraising.
Friday night we have some fun questing in store for you.
Enjoy some slightly skewed tounaments run by Sirs Temorse and Sagaen. The Adventurers Guild will be looking for some brave souls. In the evening, grab a drink and pull up to the campfire for stories, songs, and laughter. (site is damp. enjoy a few drinks, but maintain control and volume or we will ask you to leave)

The majority of this event is family friendly, but if that changes, we will update.

There will be some indoor areas where ranged weaponry and weapons over 5’ will not be permitted for safety.

Interested in a meal plan? Saturday dinner and light Sunday Brunch Contact Kelly for details YOU WILL NOT GO HUNGRY.

Rules Changes and Notes

There will be some parts of the game that will encourage certain rules to be..bent. A lot.

Be prepared to go with the flow.

Tenting onsite in designated areas.

Other Notes

All money donated from the event will go into the Paladin's Fund.

Paladin’s Fund
Of all the things Dave loved, our community was always high on his list. No matter how hard things were, he pushed through to make other peoples day better, or support people when they needed it.

With this thought in mind, money raised at the Paladin’s Call event will be put into the Paladin’s Fund. When we have a member of our community in financial duress, the fund can be used to help alleviate some of the stress.

While each case will be weighed on an individual basis, we do have some basic guidelines:
*To be used for medical expenses, utilities, necessities, etc.
*Amount of funds available is wholly dependent on what is raised at each Paladin’s Call event
People can receive funds either by submitting an email, or be nominated by someone else. Any and all of this information can be kept anonymous. Please remember this is only open to members of our community.

Please feel free to reach out to us at with questions. We cannot accept any requests to assist until after the first Paladin’s Call event, slated for the last weekend in July.

This is the old Sterling site under new management.

There is no potable water currently on-site. We will be providing some water, but be prepared to bring your own.

Carry-in, Carry-out. Do not litter and thoroughly check your camping area before you leave. All Garbage must be brought off site do not use the trash cans, all must be brought out with you.

Smoking is only allowed in the designated area in the parking lot, you must dispose of your trash in the proper receptacle and failure to do so may result in being asked to leave.

No open flames are allowed within any structure on the facility. No incendiary devices or fireworks are allowed. All open fires shall be within provided fire pits, attended at all times and completely extinguished whenever unattended.

No drinking of alcoholic beverages will be permitted on this site without expressed permission by site. Assume site is dry unless specified by the EH staff

Camping is allowed in designated areas only.

Parking is available against the wall near the entrance. Please do not leave your cars in your camp area.

No swimming in the pond.

NOISE IS TO BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM AFTER 10PM, the site is adjacent to a small residential area.

ALL TRASH MUST BE PICKED UP AND REMOVED. Failure to do so will likely result in the site owner refusing to rent to any LARP again.

Site must be completely clean by 3pm on Sunday.

Sterling "The Hall @ 34 Ford Road"
34 Ford Rd
Sterling, MA 01564

This is the old Sterling Site under new management.

From North:
Take Rt. 2 to I-190 South. Get off at exit 14(Route 12, Sterling).
Bear right at end of ramp. Follow directions below.
From South:
Take I-495 or the Mass Pike(90) to Route I-290 North to I-190
North. Get off on exit 14(Route 12, Sterling). Bear left at end of
ramp. Follow directions below.
Take 2nd right(there is a blinking yellow light at the
intersection), onto Pratts Junction Rd. Take the 3rd left onto
Flanagan Hill Rd. You'll travel under the highway, and take your next
left onto Ford Rd. Go straight into the driveway at the end. The
Campground is to the left of the barn.

IMPORTANT: Drive slowly once you get onto Ford Road -
idiots speeding on their road or through the campground has been an
issue for the owner and they really want to avoid this issue going forward.