Countess Naralia’s Fun and Games

July 16, 2022

Site was Greely Park (big) - Nashua, NH.

Event Holder was Rebecca Garbos.

Event Description
Come one! Come All!

Come to a day filled with games, tournaments, and food.

Creathorne is excited t open our borders after a very, very, very long winter. We have missed you all very much.

We will be running a bunch of our regular tournaments as well as some new ones. Single tournaments and group events will be run so bring your friends. We will also several different kinds of non combat tournaments.

The Hula Girl Casino will be open for you to try your hand at some fun gambling. There will also be a Texas Hold 'em tournament.

Expect some food. Just your basics. Burgers, dogs, etc. A good ole fashioned BBQ.

All in all, there will be a little something for everyone.

See you all in Creathorne!

Dame Naralia Delkar, Coutess of Creathorne
Event Wrap-up
Now that I have slept some and thought on the event some, I have some thank you's.

First I want to thank everyone who came. It was an amazing turnout. I am beyond honored to know that so many in the community want to help me succeed. It means the absolute world to me. So thank you. I hope you all truely had a good time.

I also want to thank everyone who helped out during the day (I will do my best not to forget anyone). Everyone who jumped in and helped clean up. It was a great group effort. Wendi Lovett for running reg. Eren Pils-Martin for helping in the kitchen and with anything else I asked for help with. Kelly Bonci for helping with some marshaling. Emily Murphy for helping in the casino. Dan Diamond, his son, Ethan Knight, and Nathan for helping to NPC. Keith for allowing me to toss you into marshaling as well. Thanks for rolling with it.The event ran smoothly because of all of you stepping in and stepping up to help out.

Kenzie and Milo for being amazing and designing and running a kids quest. I just love kids and you guys showed that you share that love. It means the world to me. All the kids seemed to have a good time and it made it so the parents could relax and enjoy themselves as well. You two are the best!

Ally... once again stepping up for me. I have no idea who else I'd ask to run my casino. Thank you! James for helping me flush out what I need for a successful casino. Thanks. 

Matt Butler... what can i say? I just kept tossing things at you to help me. Making the magic item, head marshal, magic marshal, picking up the cake. You's the man. 

Liz. My girl! My right hand. You not only cooked for me all day, you gave up two days helping me get everything in order. You also listened me to rattle on and flush out ideas for what I wanted. You calmed my nerves. You encouraged me and assured me every step of the way. I know that this event wouldn't have been half of what it was with out you. There are no words to truely express how thankful I am.
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