Fire from the Sky: A Comet Falls A Stonewood Event

June 11, 2022

Site was World Under Wonder - Ascutney, VT.

Event Holder was Travis Wilcox.

Event Description
It has been some time since the comet appeared in the sky. During this time some adventurers have worked out that the comet is infact a creature from the far recesses of space. Its goals are to land and acquire power. Over the past few years cultists have been drawing power in and feeding it to this creature to sustain it and make it into a formidable foe. In the end this creature is trying to ascend into another god.

Over the years the cultists have been very difficult to root out both because of how hearty they are but also because of their ability to manipulate the shadows around them making them almost invisible. These cultists have also been known to use paralyzing poison as well as using the forbidden art of blood magic. They are resilient and ruthless. They have also been known to control undead and demons alike.

The comet draws near and its arrival seems inevitable. Come friends and allies and put a stop to this threat before it can gain too much power.
Event Wrap-up
Over all this was a great event. I was very happy to see everyone showed up in good spirits and had a great time. I would like to thank all of my players and NPCs for all the hard work they put in. 

Thank you all for making this a great event.
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