Tournaments of the Branch

October 01, 2022

Site was West Stafford Fire Department Pavilion - Stafford Springs, CT.

Event Holder was Hillary Fotino.

Feastocrats were Lani Jones, Jason T Rosa.

Event Description
Hear ye! Hear ye! Adventurers of these Realms! 

Be it known far and wide that the Kingdom and Crown of Chimeron will be hosting a tournament on this the first of October of this the year 1022 within the lands of Gryphon Hall.

Bring your armor and your spells to the field in a live demonstration and celebration of the skills which have brought us victory against countless foes in this plane and beyond. Bring as well a herald to declare your virtues before the crowds. 

For those who wish to compete but are typically restricted by the bounds of magic, be it known as well that this field bears the blessing of Rawonam. Simply leave your spellbook or another token of your magical talents at his shrine and the magic will stay there for the day, permitting you use of all weapons and armor.

Let it be cried across the land that the List will be split as follows: Knights, Attendants, Untitled. Those who may claim Knighthood in any Order of these Realms may compete in the Knight bracket whether that Order traditionally use the title of Knight or not. Attendants as well may come from any Order so long as they are the recognized student of an Order. Last but certainly not least, the Untitled are any who do not claim any title within the ranks of any Order.

We look forward to seeing you on the field.

Lord Sir Tara Harkon

Chimeron would like to invite you to a day of pageantry and tournamenting. Dust off your fanciest armor and your finest courtly skills and come face each other on the field of honor. We will be having tournaments for both singles and pairs with singles in the morning and pairs in the afternoon.

Along with combat tournaments, we’ll also be having a selection of bardic tournaments presented on the same field as the combat and a special, brand new bardic tournament in the evening. 

There will be a dayboard available and dinner, and a chance to just socialize and enjoy the day after dinner. Pre-reg gets you to the front of the dinner line, as well as ensuring that there’s a turkey leg for you.

We are using the flexible event pricing model that Ashenmark is piloting. The event is $15-25 with $15 being the minimum and $25 being the maximum. Please pay what you feel comfortable paying. There are no perks to paying more, just the knowledge that you’re helping the event to run.

Rhiassa's Cub Care will be running throughout the day for those younger adventurers who want to participate! The usual activities will be available, as well as a few options relating to the tournaments that the grown-up kids will be competing in.

Vendors! If you’re interested in bringing your shop, please do! We’ll have a space dedicated for shopping. 

And last but not least, we recommend bringing chairs for those who will want to sit and watch the fighting in the ring. We will not have our own seating available.

We hope to see you there!

Hillary, Pat, and the rest of the Tournaments of the Branch Staff
Event Wrap-up
Tournaments of the Branch was the product of years of daydreaming and not only the necessary push to see it done, but also Pat/Saka's willingness to translate dream into reality and to organize disparate thought into actual, achievable content. Without his work in organizing, writing, and even just reminding me that time is a real thing that we are limited by, this event would certainly never have happened.
I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of the players who showed up on this day of uncertain weather to try out a new tournament format. Everyone was enthusiastic and the level of participation was a joy to see, even as we muddled through some mistakes and the learning curve of this type of tournament. 
Thank you to Jason/Aeston and Lani/Gwen for the prep work ahead and spending the entire day in the kitchen to ensure that everyone had not just enough food but also delicious food available throughout the entire day.
An extra thank you needs to go out to Keith/Saegan, Tucker/Temorse, Kyle/Killian, Paul/Grindin, and James/Tao  for helping us with marshaling the combat tournaments. Without marshals on the field, this sort of tournament wouldn't be possible and you were all amazing at rolling between fighting and marshaling as well as keeping up with the new aspects of the event. 
Thank you to Jen Gallagher for running Cub Care, keeping the kids not just occupied but having a great time of their own all day. 
Thank you to Melissa/Aymise, Becky/Kovaks, Zach/Bogen, Ethan/Alias and Eric/Rosetta for helping both behind the scenes ahead of the event and day of with planning, marshaling, and all of the other thankless tasks an event needs in order to run properly. 
We hope to see everyone again next year!
Hillary and Pat (and the rest of the Tournaments of the Branch team)
And if you have any feedback, please reach out and leave a review of the event. Any improvements that can be made on the format for next year would be amazing.
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