Feast of Blackwood 2022

September 23 - September 25, 2022

Site was Watutca Boy Scout Camp - Northwood, NH.

Event Holders were Matt Butler, Keith Cronyn, Benjamin Lacasse.

Event Description
People of the Realms, Our portal-bound neighbors in the land of Domai have been left reeling in the aftermath of last years’ happenings.  Hard times is a dangerous understatement, having watched our friends across the veil lose leaders, friends and some of the very balance that leads their way of life.  We here in the Kingdom of Blackwood, in an effort to aid the people and lands, have reached out to any willing to speak with us on their side. We’ve so far managed to arrange a meeting between the Realms and the people of Fall and Summer in hopes that they may guide us in the most effective ways to remedy their ailes.
	Since we as well as any know that the journey to the lands of Domai is one that is complicated and fickle, the Kingdom of Blackwood has decided that the time has come once again for us to celebrate all of our allies and hold Feast of Blackwood, Concord of the Warplands!  Join us in Acteon for food and great company, and allow the staff of Prince Saegan’s Castle Black Stag host and entertain you while you assist our dear friends in Domai. 
	As an extra draw in an important year,  Sir Pilpus and Sir Kara will be hosting a Bardic Tournament on Feast Sunday.  All Art is welcome and will be performed for the feast hall to watch before Court.  Thematically, we'd like to see artful celebrations of nature- but we're excited to spectate whatever you bring us!
In that same vein, Sir Tao will be hosting a poker tournament at Feast of Blackwood on Sunday. 50 gold buy-in, 6000 chips. There is one 50 gold rebuy when you are at 1000 chips or less in the first hour, or at the end of the first hour anyone who has not done a rebuy may do one add-on 50 gold for an additional 6000 chips. Rebuys will not be available after the first hour. When you first buy in, you will be given an opportunity to buy 1000 extra chips for 5 gold. This 5 gold will go directly to the dealer as a tip. standard blinds will be used. Tournament will last 3 hours and will start when we have 8 people signed up.
	For those interested in assisting the people of Domai in the lead up to the Feast, Blackwood and Domai have established the Concord of the Warplands, a network of scrying pools that will allow you to communicate with people from Domai as needed.  We encourage you to reach out to your friends there so that you can come as prepared as you can possibly be, come the meeting with Fall and Summer.
	We look forward to your company and assistance in these trying time and can’t wait to celebrate another year of kinship with you all.
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