Here Today, Gi Tomorrow: Expedition Alfa Canissa, Jikaro, and Lofa

October 02, 2022

Site is Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 10am and closes at 7pm.

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Sunday October 02, 2022.
Event ends at 06:00 PM, on Sunday October 02, 2022.

Cost is Special, see Other Notes and Info section..
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Patrick Bobell
Eric Willisson (Unofficial)
Registration List   (12 players)
Player characters
Squire Lt. Bogen
Elora A. Khikyivashtru
Fern Eberhardt
Squire Griffin Hurana
Sir Iawen Penn
Your Friend Jean C'est Magnifique Try Baptise
Loken Destevaul
Page Margaret August
Sir Orion
Ryu Goldscale
Highlord Temorse Sorowind

Staff / NPCs
Melissa Metzger
Ian H. Pushee
Event Description

To my fellow adventurers, greetings.

Over the past several months I have collected enough information to have a robust view of the current state of the Risen Kingdom. I am sharing this report with all of you in the hopes that you will have as much information as I do when next we come together against this enemy.

The Risen Kingdom's failure to dominate the Realms has not erased their civilization's insatiable need for resources. As predicted, they have opened new portals between their base of operations in Gi and many smaller demiplanes. As always, it is their intention to strip these worlds of every possible resource, just like they did with Gi. And tried to do with the Realms.

Recent research conducted by the Subtle Thread has uncovered a vulnerability in these portals: if enough of them have their Void polarity reversed, the resulting effects will deal a significant blow to the Risen Kingdom.

I have selected three of these portals as our first targets. These portals connect to the following worlds:

  • Canissa, a water plane with a thriving civilization under its waves.
  • Jikaro, a plane steeped in magical potential which is still relatively uncorrupted by Void energy.
  • Lofa, a strangely shaped plane which seems to be one long band of ground spiraling into nothingness.

With the Dreamliner Revenge it is possible to approach these worlds through The Dreaming. I am seeking a crew of versatile adventurers to join me in establishing diplomatic relations with the inhabitants of these worlds and removing the Risen Kingdom's forces present in each. Preparations of the vessel are already underway and I expect everything to be ready within three or four weeks. Prior experience aboard a Dreamliner is not required as we will all have an opportunity to refresh our knowledge of the vessel's systems. However, I encourage you to come prepared to face a wide variety of situations as we have very little reconnaissance on the ground so to speak.

Written by my own hand while looking forward to questing with all of you again,

Captain Sir Orion

Rules Changes and Notes

Player Cap

This event will be capped at 40 players.

Code of Conduct+

As usual, we will be enforcing Chimeron's Code of Conduct+ at this event. Details available here:

COVID-19 Info

Please fill out the contact tracing and vaccine card form:

In addition to the Standing Policies regarding COVID-19, players must wear masks while indoors. Note that a significant portion of the event will take place indoors (in the boathouse). Attendees uncomfortable with being in the boathouse with other fully-masked folks will be able to contribute from outside the building if necessary.

UPDATE: All attendees will be required to test negative for COVID-19 day-of. We will have some tests on-hand at the reg desk, but please provide your own if possible. Most insurances are supposed to cover 8 tests per person per 30 days, which you can pick up from your regular pharmacy. You may send Pat a photo of a negative test taken at home prior to arriving on site if you are able to provide your own.

Full COVID-19 protocols for the event can be found here:

Story Shards & Trappings

Story Shards may be submitted up to two weeks prior to the event, as usual. While Trappings of Civilization may be available at Tourneys of the Branch on October 1st, attendance there will not qualify players to submit a new Story Shard overnight. Details on this between-event-action mechanic can be found here:

Quest Format

This event is being run in the "Arthurian Questing" style. It will be broken up into three main segments, one for each demiplane. Every PC will choose two to play their character in, and one to NPC. Decisions are made at the beginning of the event. In between demiplanes, there will be portions of the quest with all PCs present.

Canissa will use special rules to simulate "holding your breath" and swimming while underwater.
Jikaro's quest is fully non-combat. Tools unsafe for combat may be provided for supervised player use.
Lofa is the most traditional path-based quest.

Our usual plot rules can be found here:

Other Notes

Event Pricing:

For players whose first event was before October 1st, 2020, the event price is $20. For newer players, the price is $10. Please send payments via

Since this event is being run Arthurian-style, we aren't looking for additional full-time staff or NPCs - we'd love to have you play though! Contact Pat if the event fee isn't feasible for you and we'll see if we can work something out.

Camp Blanchard Y Camp
208 Manchaug Rd
Sutton, MA

Take 290 South to 395
Take 395 to exit 4A for Sutton (There are two exit 4s. Take the one
that says Sutton Ave. Sutton.)
Go right at end of exit.
Go 3.5 miles
Turn right onto Manchaug Road (there is a sign to the camp on the
corner). The camp is approximately two miles on the right