Here Today, Gi Tomorrow: Expedition Alfa Canissa, Jikaro, and Lofa

October 02, 2022

Site was Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA.

Event Holder was Patrick Bobell.

Event Description
To my fellow adventurers, greetings.

Over the past several months I have collected enough information to have a robust view of the current state of the Risen Kingdom. I am sharing this report with all of you in the hopes that you will have as much information as I do when next we come together against this enemy.

The Risen Kingdom's failure to dominate the Realms has not erased their civilization's insatiable need for resources. As predicted, they have opened new portals between their base of operations in Gi and many smaller demiplanes. As always, it is their intention to strip these worlds of every possible resource, just like they did with Gi. And tried to do with the Realms.

Recent research conducted by the Subtle Thread has uncovered a vulnerability in these portals: if enough of them have their Void polarity reversed, the resulting effects will deal a significant blow to the Risen Kingdom.

I have selected three of these portals as our first targets. These portals connect to the following worlds:
* Canissa, a water plane with a thriving civilization under its waves.
* Jikaro, a plane steeped in magical potential which is still relatively uncorrupted by Void energy.
*  Lofa, a strangely shaped plane which seems to be one long band of ground spiraling into nothingness.

With the Dreamliner *Revenge* it is possible to approach these worlds through The Dreaming. I am seeking a crew of versatile adventurers to join me in establishing diplomatic relations with the inhabitants of these worlds and removing the Risen Kingdom's forces present in each. Preparations of the vessel are already underway and I expect everything to be ready within three or four weeks. Prior experience aboard a Dreamliner is not required as we will all have an opportunity to refresh our knowledge of the vessel's systems. However, I encourage you to come prepared to face a wide variety of situations as we have very little reconnaissance on the ground so to speak.

Written by my own hand while looking forward to questing with all of you again,

Captain Sir Orion
Event Wrap-up
As is true for all events, many people were absolutely essential to making this one.

To start with, thank you to everyone who showed up to the first Here Today, Gi Tomorrow to see what we had in store for you! Both as PCs and as NPCs, you brought the event to life, taking what we wrote and rolling with it. Arthurian (aka Convergences) questing presents its own challenges, and we hope you all had fun on both sides of the quests as we experimented with the format. Thank you also for bearing with us as the day stretched into night, through a final fight in almost pitch darkness.

Thank you, too, to everyone for sticking to our more stringent COVID protocols. They allowed us to throw the event how we imagined it.

Thank you to Melissa Metzger and Becky Baron, who both did so much, particularly behind the scenes but also out in front, to make the event run.

Thank you to everyone who stayed late to clean, especially Justin Balanca-Hawkes and Megan Williamson. Many hands made light work!

A special thank you to the people who took up actual, real-life tools and helped restore a clearing in Camp Blanchard as part of a quest.

And finally, thank you to the rest of Rua Thar Cinn. Your support, at the event and before, was vital.

We hope to see you all at events to come!

 - Pat and Eric

P.S. If you have an IOU for an Adventurers Guild Inscription Essence, please contact Eric (, 508-514-1119, or epw#3223 on Discord) to arrange getting the actual tokens.

P.P.S. We would love it if you [filled out our PEL](! As usual, it includes an optional Story Shard section if you'd like to send one in. They must be submitted through the PEL or regular form two weeks before Black & White to guarantee resolution at that event.
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