Rhiassa Presents: Feast of the Leviathan XXIV Here's To You

January 14, 2023

Site is JN Webster Boy Scout Camp - Ashford, CT (View Map).
Site opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM.

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday January 14, 2023.
Event ends at 07:00 PM, on Saturday January 14, 2023.

Cost is $30-$50 per person (kids 11-15 are $15, kids 10 and under are free). We'll be using the flexible-pay model with this event. The minimum (non-child) price is $30, but if you would like to help us offset our losses, contribute to making the event even better, and can spare a little more, you'd have our deepest gratitude if you can increase the payment of your registration as high as $50. This extra payment is strictly voluntary. Paid pre-registration is required for this event.
Cost via Paypal is $30.00 per person.
Pre-registration ( money, magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Jason T Rosa
Jennifer DeNardis-Rosa (Unofficial)
Lani Jones
Event Description

Greetings my friends,

The days grow both shorter and more frigid and it is as sure a sign as anything that the Feast of the Leviathan will soon be upon us. Here in Rhiassa this is both our busiest and happiest season; nothing pleases us more than the privilege of welcoming all of the heroes of the Realms to our hearth and showing them all of the hospitality we can muster. Soon recipe books will be flipped open, ingredients will be gathered from across the land, and all of the delectable scents of the kitchen will pervade Southland as our preparations come to fruition.

The past year was a gratifying one to behold. As the Realms shrugged off a long dormancy, we all witnessed how the individual and group efforts across the community were vital in returning us to our full strength. This was not by any means a forgone conclusion. I think all too easily we could have given way to darkness and silence had these heroic inclinations not prevailed. But that reality never came to pass. Instead, we leaned on one another, drew inspiration from one another, and worked our hardest to make sure everyone had a place to return to when they were ready to rejoin our ranks. If the Feast of the Leviathan is about celebrating one another then I can think of no aspect of our past year that is more admirable or more deserving of praise.

As always, we promise you a worthy place to partake in that celebration. The food will be plentiful and made with love. The entertainment will be captivating and diverse. And we’ll have some surprises in store this year that are sure to leave a lasting impression on all of our patrons.

So please make your way to Rhiassa as the moon reaches its earliest third quarter of the year. Come to celebrate our achievements and to reunite in kinship as we always do in January. We look forward to your company and the opportunity to fill your day with the warmth of food and the warmth of community.

Leviathan with you,
Lord Sir Aeston, Lady Dame Areni, and Lord Sir Gwen Stromgate

Rules Changes and Notes

Extended notes and in-depth information about activities are forthcoming.

Other Notes

This is a dry site. No pets allowed.

JN Webster Boy Scout Camp
231 Ashford Center Road
Ashford, CT 06278

Taking 84 W: Get off exit 72 (Westford) in CT. Follow Rt 89 South
until the intersection with Rt 44. Take a left at the light. Camp is
on the left at the top of the hill, about 1000ft after Midway Pizza.

Taking 84 E: Get off exit 69 onto Rt 74. Travel east of 74 and turn
left on rt 44 at the light. Camp is on the left at the top of the
hill, about 1000ft after Midway Pizza.

Taking 395 S: Take exit 97 (Putnam) onto Rt 44W through the towns of
Putnam, Pomfret, and Eastford. The camp is on the right in Ashford,
just past the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.