A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Cecil’s Uncle’s Tavern 3

December 10, 2022

Site was Maynard Elk's Lodge - Maynard, MA.

Event Holder was Becky Baron.

Feastocrat was Ken Belsito.

Event Description
Event will run from 5:00 to 11:00 PM

Event Start: 5:00
First Toast: 5:30
Poker Tournament Start: 5:45
Dinner is Served: 6:00
Gift Swap: 8:00
Auction: 9:30
Event End: 11:00

Crazy Cecil has opened his uncle's tavern once again for spreading yuletide spirits. Expect all the fun we have come to know and love: Gifts, food, drink, a charity auction, and extra surprises so surprising that even we don't know what they are yet.

There will be a Stacked Deck poker tournament. 50 gold buy-in, 6000 chips. There is one 50 gold rebuy when you are at 1000 chips or less in the first hour, or at the end of the first hour anyone who has not done a rebuy may do one add-on 50 gold for an additional 6000 chips. Rebuys will not be available after the first hour. When you first buy in, you will be given an opportunity to buy 1000 extra chips for 5 gold. this 5 gold will go directly to the dealer as a tip. standard blinds will be used. Tournament will last 3 hours. Start time immediately after First Toast (approximately 5:30).
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