Return of the Stacked Deck Final Table Bluff checks not necessary

January 07, 2023

Site is Marlboro Moose Lodge 1129 - Marlboro, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 1PM and closes at 9PM.

Event starts at 01:30 PM, on Saturday January 07, 2023.
Event ends at 08:30 PM, on Saturday January 07, 2023.

Cost is 10.00.
Cost via Paypal is $10.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holder
James Murphy
Magic Marshal
Emily Murphy
Event Description

some other things that might be going on:
Some rooms that might be, puzzling to get out of.
Pot luck food with prizes
Blackwood plot, you must contact EH ahead of time.
other table games like Blackjack
something something 40k
ticket auction (prizes!)

The tournament will start very promptly at 1:30 PM. Picking of seats will be at 1:15 if you are not there when it is your turn, a seat will be randomly assigned.

As we get closer, we will be reaching out to point earners to verify attendance. Top sixteen point earners will be invited (well not that Tao guy).

Quick note on tie breakers for placing, if two players have the same number of points then the player that played in more tournaments will be considered to rank higher, if 2 players both have the same number of points and the same number of tournaments played, then the player that earned the higher number of points most recently will be considered to be higher ranked. if we do not have enough players with points to fill out the top sixteen, the player with the most tournaments played will be invited to take that spot. If two players have played equal amounts of tournaments, then the player that played most recently will be considered higher ranked.

Gold prizes will be based on the amount of the final table prize pool as of 30SEP they would be: A special Blue prize, 885 gold, 440 gold, 150 gold. whoever comes in first will have their pick of the prizes, followed by second, third, and fourth will get what is left.

Tournament will end at 8:30 in a chip count if winners have not been figured out before.

Starting stack will be 20,000 chips. A one time before you play your first hand add-on will be available. 25 gold for 5,000 chips. All of the gold raised in this manner will go to the dealers and just the dealers.
If time allows a Stacked Deck tournament will be run later in the day to start the new season.

Clontarf Casino will be offering table games including the classics; Blackjack, Let it ride, Roulette, Craps, and maybe something new.

A "Live Action" poker table will also be available if you prefer a live "gold" game. This will be dealer's choice; any game with blinds will be 1 and 2 gold. A dealer will not be available for this it will be self run.

This year drinking will be allowed. As this is at a staffed function hall. Please bring the GREEN stuff if you want to pay for drinks. as I understand it, they do not honor Master Card or Lady Visa.

Food will be pot luck, as I have done in the past there will be gold awards for different categories of food; best pasta dish, best side dish, best cookies, and many, many, more categories. (wink, wink, if you know you know). Because of the site limitation liquid pot luck will not be allowed.

I will also be offering a ticket auction this year for some pretty fabulous prizes. Maybe some things that did not make it to Feast of Blackwood, maybe some special things just for this event. Quick note; there will be no “blue” auction items.

Rules Changes and Notes

Some spells will not work as expected. (looking at you sear spells)

more as we get closer, but some poker rules are below.
Verbals are binding. even if you don't mean it. if you say all in as a joke, you are all in. its not funny, please don't. verbals are also a great way to bet exactly how much you want to bet. (single chip rule) verbals will keep you from making mistakes. verbals also lets the person to your left know what you are doing so they can act.

Be in your seat or don't play rule: any player that is not in there seat by the time the second card gets to the player that is on the button then that hand is automatically killed and should be collected by the dealer. a bit of advice, don't look at it, it will only break your heart. this is a rule of reason, be reasonable, don't be a dick.

Once a player leaves their seat the are considered to abandon the hand. However as in most things reasonable players doing reasonable things. Please do not do this out of turn as it does signal your intentions and might influence play.

"String bet rule" Chips placed into the pot without any verbals should placed in one motion. you should not go back and forth to your stack, or take back any chips that have been put forward. this is to prevent getting a "read" on an opponent without risking chips. a "string bet" can be where you add chips to the your bet or take them away. it is up to an "Active" player to call this. not the dealer. the dealer will be the judge if a "string bet" has happened or not. as always if you say what you want to do first will prevent this from happening.

It is a players responsibility to know where the action is to act in turn. It is bad etiquette to constantly be told when it is your action, or to have to be reminded to post blinds. Any action that happens out of sequence is binding unless the action changes. for example the blinds are 100 and 200, the player under the gun has not acted yet, however next player says raise, and throws out 800 in chips. if the player under the gun calls or folds then the raise to 800 is binding, if however they player under the gun raises to any amount, then the player who acted out of turn can pull back his 800, and make any action they wish, fold, call or re-raise.

the single chip bet rule: if a player is the first to act and throws a single chip without saying anything the bet is considered to be the full value of the single chip. the single chip call rule: if a player responds to a bet by throwing a single chip in without saying anything then it is considered a call not a raise.

Other Notes

The function hall is a non-smoking facility. All smoking is to be done outside the facility in designated areas ONLY.
Absolutely NO beverages of any kind, are allowed to be brought onto the premises or to leave the building, including but not limited to alcohol, bottled water, soda, etc. (Raffles prizes ok as long as they remain unopened). State law deems that ONLY the club can dispense alcoholic beverages on the premises. A full service bar is provided by the Marlboro Moose Family Center 1129 only. If alcohol is being served at your event, it is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to help us ensure no minors (under age 21) are being served, or otherwise consuming alcohol on our premises. Our local law enforcement is encouraged to ensure the laws are being followed within our establishment, and will visit occasionally.
Any violation in this policy will result in the party/function being shut down and revocation of future renting privileges. Please be advised that this property is monitored day/night by numerous surveillance cameras and is being recorded.
DUE TO INSURANCE LIABILITIES the organization will provide set up of your tables and chairs prior to the function. As well as any additional special requests, table clothes, champagne, or special orders. Please contact the Bar Manager to confirm your floor plan within 2 weeks of the event. To avoid injury to you or your guests and to avoid damage to the hardwood floors and carpeting, we ask that you NOT move furniture.
Guests may use their own food, such as cakes, snacks, finger foods, or potluck, but beverages may only be provided by Marlboro Moose Family Center 1129. Renter will HOLD HARMLESS the Marlboro Moose Family Center 1129 when using an outside catering company or preparing their own food. All food brought in must be fully prepared with kitchen access limited to refrigeration only (if space is available) and use of the oven to keep fully prepared foods warm (no cooking allowed at anytime).

Renter or Guest(s) WILL NOT bring any outside beverages of any kind into the establishment.
Renter will not allow minors to consume alcohol on premises.
Marlboro Moose Family Center 1129, will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Marlboro Moose Lodge 1129
Marlboro, MA 01752

GPS: 67 Fitchburg St, Marlboro MA


From Worcester and other points West:

Find your best route to 290 and take it East until the end where it
becomes rt 85 into Hudson.

Take a right onto Fitchburg St. The Moose will be on the left.

From the South:

Take 495 North to exit 25A to get on rt 85 into Hudson.

Take a right onto Fitchburg St. The Moose will be on the left.

From the North:

Take 495 South to exit 25A to get on rt 85 into Hudson.

Take a right onto Fitchburg St. The Moose will be on the left.