Return of the Stacked Deck Final Table Bluff checks not necessary

January 07, 2023

Site was Marlboro Moose Lodge 1129 - Marlboro, MA.

Event Holder was James Murphy.

Event Description
some other things that might be going on: 
Some rooms that might be, puzzling to get out of.
Pot luck food with prizes
Blackwood plot, you must contact EH ahead of time. 
other table games like Blackjack
something something 40k (new details below) 
ticket auction (prizes!)

The tournament will start very promptly at 1:30 PM. Picking of seats will be at 1:15 if you are not there when it is your turn, a seat will be randomly assigned.

As we get closer, we will be reaching out to point earners to verify attendance. Top sixteen point earners will be invited (well not that Tao guy).

Quick note on tie breakers for placing, if two players have the same number of points then the player that played in more tournaments will be considered to rank higher, if 2 players both have the same number of points and the same number of tournaments played, then the player that earned the higher number of points most recently will be considered to be higher ranked. if we do not have enough players with points to fill out the top sixteen, the player with the most tournaments played will be invited to take that spot. If two players have played equal amounts of tournaments, then the player that played most recently will be considered higher ranked.

Prizes will be: A special Blue prize, 1000 gold, 500 gold, 175 gold. whoever comes in first will have their pick of the prizes, followed by second, third, and fourth will get what is left. 

Tournament will end at 8:30 in a chip count if winners have not been figured out before. 

Starting stack will be 20,000 chips. A one time before you play your first hand add-on will be available. 25 gold for 5,000 chips. All of the gold raised in this manner will go to the dealers and just the dealers.

If we have not heard from a player 30 minutes into play, then the highest ranked alternate will be seated. 

If time allows a Stacked Deck tournament will be run later in the day to start the new season.

Clontarf Casino will be offering table games including the classics; Blackjack, Let it ride, Roulette, Craps, and maybe something new. 

A "Live Action" poker table will also be available if you prefer a live "gold" game. This will be dealer's choice; any game with blinds will be 1 and 2 gold. A dealer will not be available for this it will be self run. 

This year drinking will be allowed. As this is at a staffed function hall. Please bring the GREEN stuff if you want to pay for drinks. as I understand it, they do not honor Master Card or Lady Visa. 

Food will be pot luck, as I have done in the past there will be gold awards for different categories of food; best pasta dish, best side dish, best cookies, and many, many, more categories. (wink, wink, if you know you know). Because of the site limitation liquid pot luck will not be allowed. 

I will also be offering a ticket auction this year for some pretty fabulous prizes. Maybe some things that did not make it to Feast of Blackwood, maybe some special things just for this event. Quick note; there will be no “blue” auction items.

At the Final table this year, we will be hosting a nonofficial Warhammer: Age of Sigmar (v3)
Small Forces Tournament. As with most things in The Realms, this is a sport of honor. We
expect that many who are interested may also be first time players, so we ask that more
experienced players be ready to help explain/teach newer players from across the table as we
get this off the ground in its first year.
Since this is the first tournament and we expect that some people may be buying their first
models specifically to play in this, for this event only, Only a Base Coating is required. This is
subject to change as we move forward.
Please save a copy of your Army List by using this tool
( or the Official Age of Sigmar phone
app and be prepared to show the tournament host upon entry.
In the lead up, feel free to reach out to Benjamin Lacasse on Facebook, Discord or Email with
any questions/clarifications. There will be a different tournament host day of, but he will assist
with anything from list building to rules questions.
Facebook: Benjamin Lacasse
Discord: Krungus#0692
Army List Requirements Table/ Battle Plan Specifications
● 750 Point Max
● 1-2 Heroes (At Least 1 required, no
more than 2)
● 1+ Battleline
● No more than 1 of any other unit
classification (Behemoths, Artillery or
Endless Spells).
● No Triumphs, Allied Units, or
● Paint: Base Coat Required
● 3ft x 3ft warzone
● Battle Plan: Frontal Assault
● Coin Flip to choose Attacker or
Defender (Defender Deploys first,
Attacker takes first action)
● Map and objectives will be set by event
● At the end of each turn, a ref will tally
the Victory Points.
Two armies square off, both eager to capture the series of vital objectives that lie
between them. There can be no holding back on the front line, where the only path to
victory will be sheer, bloody-minded determination.
The attacker picks which territory is their territory. The other territory is the defender’s
The players then alternate setting up units one at a time, starting with the Defender. Each
player must set up their units wholly within their territory and more than 15" from their
opponent’s territory.
The players continue to set up units until both armies have been set up. If one player finishes
setting up their army first, their opponent must set up the rest of the units in their army, one
after another.
Each player scores victory points at the end of each of their turns as follows:
- Score 1 victory point if you control at least one objective.
- Score 1 victory point if you control two or more objectives.
- Score 1 victory point if you control more objectives than your opponent.
- Score 2 victory points if you completed the battle tactic you picked that turn.
Each player scores 3 victory points at the end of the battle if they completed their grand
The battle lasts for 5 battle rounds.The player with the most victory points at the end of the
battle wins.
Objectives- Center of the Map, 9” off of each map border, and one at the very Center (18” off of
both borders)
Event Wrap-up
Congratulations to Captain Sir Daekara for taking first place at the final table. His Ace Three beat Sir Mathias’s pocket nines for the win when an Ace fell showed up on the turn. 
This event like many others could not have happened without a lot of help. The final table is the culmination of many events. Each event had players and dealers willing to spend time playing poker. Different people organized these games, dealt, played, and reported them so that a final 16 could be determined. The names are too numerous to mention; if you are one of them thank you.
Sir Aeston has been taking all these reports and recording and reporting the results. This has made it very easy to track who earned their spots and make the event possible. 
For this event I was very lucky to have staff that could roll with it. Magi Sir Kara handled the magic marshaling. And as a double duty she and Sir Tamorse handled the escape room. I had an idea, but they made it fun. They both wrote and delivered some amazing content. 
Sir Prince Seagan was very kind to come and give updates on the conditions in blackwood to those who needed to know what was going on there and help those who needed help.
The seller of tickets, my person making sure everyone got recorded for being here, the writer on bags, Liana! Thank you. Knowing I could leave you with the important tasks of collecting names, giving drink tokens, selling tickets, made it possible for me to be not behind the desk. 
And the people doing the work of slinging cards, Magi Pi, Sir Maliki, Sir Kovacs, Sir Gordon, Squire Eamon, and Baldor who stepped in at the end of the night to give some breaks. At the Black jack pit, an absolute  beast in the dealers seat, Alias you were there all day! Without dealers this event does not work. Thank you all. 
To all the people who brought food for the pot luck, thank you, there were some award winning things brought and they were just amazing. 
I am sure I have forgot someone who helped and if I did I am sorry. But thank you to you as well.
And finally, thank you good people of the realms, you came, you played, you puzzled, you had rituals, you bought tickets, you brought food. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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