Ashen Bounty X Thea Dalma's Gambit

September 29 - October 01, 2023

Site was East Boston Camps at Westford - Westford, MA.

Event Holders were Alyssa Lee, Tucker Noyes, Steven Yazinka.

Feastocrats were Kelly Bonci, Jason Gray.

Event Description
[The Story So Far](


Thea Dalma, the rogue avatar of the sea goddess Calypso, has begun her assault on Nangea. They hope to use the mysterious power held within the land and its archons to fully usurp Calypso as deity of the seas and storms, at the cost of the people of Nangea.

Join Emissary Thassos on his quest ordained by King Skyros and the great Calypso herself, as he returns to Nangea to help its people thwart the machinations of the corrupt Thea Dalma.

News from Nangea tells that the remaining peoples there, the Brimiri led by Tybalt, and the Arazians, a people whose leadership is split between the rebel general Ashir and the arcanist Nefita, have joined in common cause to drive Thea Dalma from their land, as well as discover the mysteries of their peoples past
Event Wrap-up
Another Ashen Bounty in the books!  Thanks to everyone who came out to staff and play this weekend at Ashen Bounty X!  While it got quite a bit damp on Friday, the weather thankfully cleared up and we had another fantastic weekend of questing, food, and friends!  The tenth year was a big one for us, and it marked the penultimate event in the current series involving the distant land of Nangea.  However, the event could not have happened without the help of many others in our community who helped make it happen.  Thank you to all the players who came out and fought cleanly and in good spirits all weekend. It was as much a pleasure to throw the event for all of you as we hope it was for you to attend.
Our NPC crew this year grew quite a bit!  This was incredibly helpful to our normally tight staff, and made it so our event team could work much more efficiently!  Thank you to Nate Carr, Maria Carr, Brian Person, Noah Capucilli-Shatan, Neil Kusleika, Sean Veale, James Murphy, and Keith Cronyn!  Without all of your help the event couldn’t have been as fun as it was and it allowed us to do a lot more.
We also had a great deal of great help in the kitchen this year as well.  We had the most experienced kitchen team ever with the combined help of Lani Jones, Diana Learned, Josh Learned, Jason Rosa, and Jen Rosa.  Additional thanks to Jason for providing props for our Leyla puzzle as well!  The food this year was exceptionally delicious and was welcome for both staff and players who worked up quite an appetite after a long day of fighting.
Thank you to two operational assistants, Nora Rogers and Courtney Bibbo who helped marshal, do propwork, set up and take down, and generally spread gloweed all over site.  It isn’t a role that often gets much visibility, but it is so important to have people willing to do those tasks to keep the event running smoothly.
Finally, thank you to our four named NPCs who have once again returned to portray and bring to life four fantastic characters: Brooke Gingras as Leyla, Ben Lacasse as Tybalt, Dani Lacasse as Nefita (as well as making the Blue Flame Blade), and last, but certainly not least, Zach Senchuk as Ashir.  You all did a fantastic job both interacting with the players and playing your roles to perfection, helping to bring the world to life.
From the whole staff, thank you all again, we hope you enjoyed the event, and we ask that you review the event on Realmsnet and/or fill out the PEL below (staff feel free to do so too if you have any feedback).  We try to take all constructive criticism seriously, and for your time, you will also receive an extra perk at the next event!
Thank you from the entire event staff,
Alyssa Lee, Nick Quadrini, Kelly Bonci, Steven Yazinka, Pi Fisher, Paul Tilton, Ben Pepper, Kyle Yazinka, Tucker Noyes, Nataliya Kostenko, Jason Gray, Keith Tatarczuk, and Kai Yang.
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