The Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival II

June 10, 2023

Site was West Stafford Fire Department Pavilion - Stafford Springs, CT.

Event Holder was Matthew Brenner.

Event Description
On a small plot of land on the border between Chimeron and Rhiassa there is a humble but busy construction site. There, preparations are being made for a celebration. With the coming Summer Solstice also comes a time for comradery and merriment. A chance to enjoy many kinds of festivities and delicious food. A day with workshops, gambling, games, and tournaments. A day for everyone to relax together and deepen our bonds of friendship.

Welcome to the Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival!


Hello everyone!

One of the exciting things about The Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival is how we can offer time to different parts of the community to bring their plot and other content to a diverse audience. We’ve worked over the past couple of weeks to connect with different plot holders and have put together a basic schedule of what is going on. We present it to you now with the stipulation that some changes should be expected even up to the day of the event.

Also there is still room on the schedule for other content so if you would like to be a part of things, please reach out over PM.

~ Jason and Matt


Tentative Schedule for The Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival

Large group tournaments hosted by Shader
A visit from an old friend from across the Vanfrost
The Stacked Deck Unranked Players Table begins with a two hour window

A Druidic visitor of the Circle of Crows comes to invite people to a meeting
Learning and understanding Domai runes and names

Lunch served from the Rhiassan kitchen

A cry for help from the Blackwood fire-forest
Hunting some special game in preparation for an upcoming feast
The Fairwinds Trade Caravan Arrives
Fae Tea Time Begins

From the shadows of north west of Voraniss the undead crawl to life
The Gi Resistance arrives to share intel and run combat training scenarios
Someone arrives from the Space In-Between
The Stacked Deck Main Table begins with a two hour window

More large group tournaments hosted by Shader
In the direction of Stonewood, in the depths, the bones rattle
The Consumption grows stronger, the Oasis remains still but a familiar Song rings through
A familiar but forgotten face arrives to share wisdom

A Yosei trainer arrives, interesting in bringing Yosei to the mainland
The Orion Single Tournament Jamboree

Dinner from the Rhiassan kitchen
A extravagant dessert table by Fern
Fabulous prizes

**Throughout the day**
Elevated festival food from the Rhiassan kitchen
Rhiassan Cub Care
Gaming Tables from the Clontarf Casino
To regain what was lost to the wounds of Darkvale, come see Gordon

**Stacked Deck Information**

There will be a stacked deck poker tournament at the The Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival II event. 

50 gold buy-in, 6000 chips. 

There is one 50 gold rebuy or add on that the player can buy at any time they wish. 50 gold will get you an additional 6000 chips. Rebuys will not be available after the first 40 minutes. When you first buy in, you will be given an opportunity to buy 1000 extra chips for 5 gold. this 5 gold will go directly to the dealer as a tip. 

Standard blinds will be used. 
6 20-minute levels, 25-50, 50-100, 100-200, 200-400, 300-600, and 500-1000.
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