The Clontarf Shuffle II Deuces Wild

May 13, 2023

Site was Montague Common Hall - Montague Center, MA.

Event Holder was James Murphy.

Feastocrat was Megan Matulewicz.

Event Description
Good people of the Realms, on the 13th day of the 5th month of 1023 we’d like to invite you all to Clontarf Castle! The casino will be opening its doors and it’s a wonderful chance for all of us to sweep out the mud and enjoy one another’s company as we relax and play games together. Several Casino owners from across the Realms have collaborated along with the Gambler’s Guild to put this day together and we would be overjoyed if all of you partook in our hospitality.

Of course, as is normal at a casino, all are welcome to bring their gold and wager it at our various table games in hopes of hitting it big and walking away wealthy! But there is far more than that available for entertainment on this day.

Most important to note is that you do not need to use your own gold to spend the whole day gambling! Because this event has a particular emphasis on teaching newer players how to play games of chance, everyone will have access to special free tokens that can be gambled with instead of using gold. These tokens will be available when you arrive and this year, they will also be available to buy for that funny green stuff. At the end of the day whatever tokens you have been able to win or just outright buy, should be converted into tickets for you to use in an auction for fabulous prizes!

When you arrive, you will receive a few things; Some gambling tokens, and some free raffle tickets. The tokens can be used to gamble at the various table games. They can also be used to purchase the raffle tickets. We will have an abundance of prizes that we will be drawn for towards the end of the day. However, we will also be drawing for an item or two at various times throughout the day. These items will be marked with the approximate time they will be drawn. At this time we have over 30 different items that will be drawn for and the pile is growing every day! 

paid pre-regs will also get extra tokens! reg early reg often.

Some questing will be possible as many things are going on in Blackwood right now. If you wish to interact with Blackwood plot, please contact the EH and let them know in a reasonable amount of time. 

When you have gambled your gold for the day, and you wish to cash out. Any remaining coins from last year will be available in a very limited number. This coin is valued at 10 gold and will be unique to this event series. It is backed by both Clontarf Casino (Blackwood) and Rhiassa.

Gambling at casino games is of course a fun way to spend the day but there will be lots of other things to do as well:

A Stacked Deck poker tournament will take place starting around 1PM. 75 gold buy in for 8000 chips, with an optional 10 gold dealers tip for additional 2000 chips.  Either one 75 gold rebuy, or one 75 gold add-on will be available any time in the first hour, which will get you 8000 chips.    

There will also be a newbie poker tournament which will be free to participate in and specifically be used to teach the many facets of such a nuanced game. To qualify for this newbie tournament, you simply have to show up on time as it starts right at 11:15. You must also have not earned any points to last years, or the current years, stacked deck final table. The winner of this tournament will get a free entry into the 1PM tournament. This will cover your initial chips and the dealer tip. 

There will be a smattering of different table game, board game, and card game tournaments throughout the day as well. We will be a little stricter on what constitutes a fair game than last year, but not by much. 

Delicious consumables will be served throughout the day deliciously prepared by Lady Kyomi. The normal Brown and Red will be available. We will have a limited number of disposable cups and such. It is suggested you bring your own feast gear if you wish. Some mugs will be available to rent that day as well.  

NOTE: there is no eating or drinking of ANYTHING in the main hall. 
Also this is a dry event. [sad moose sounds]

We will be honored to have the Rhissia Cub Care present to providing some content for the wee bits that may or may not be ready to gamble. Question can be directed to Isla. (Jennifer Johnson Gallagher)

As happened at the final table event, there is a locked room in the castle that I would very much like help unlocking. teams of 4 will have an opportunity to go in and see what they can do in 30-minute shifts. (This is an escape room style puzzle encounter)

Auction tickets, like the gambling tokens, will be available for purchase with that funny green stuff. All cash raised from these will go directly towards the charity. Your Pal that can pay, and Mo, first name Ven, can both be accepted. 

This year we are doing something a little different. The very special item will be auctioned for Cash. Not tickets. This is a fundraiser event, and this will be the only item we auction directly for Cash. It will be a fully backed item by James Murphy. This item will be sure to please for years to come. The full abilities will be posted for all to see. James Murphy is going to match dollar for dollar the winning bid of this item.  

All funds after site and food costs will also be donated to the charity. The more people come the more money can be raised. 

The charity this year is called Wild Response. Information can be found:
if you wish to directly paypal James Murphy please paypal this will save some fees. 

tldr, give us money, we give you entertainment, prizes, and delicious food And we donate a pile of money to a charity.
Event Wrap-up
So Many People to thank. I am going to miss someone, I am so sorry, but here goes! 
Jason for co-holding this, working with the site, getting the chips made, suggesting the charity, so much more, Thank you
Magic Marshal Matt, so many things that you took care of that I did not have to, Thank You
Ben and Keith, “hey can your run some plot” and you ran with it, set up mods, brought props, Thank you
Dustin, Matt, Dani, Kyle, probably more behind the masks NPCing, Thank you
Tucker and Emily, “hey here is the very loose idea for a thing, can you do it” Thank you
MJ, can you do this thing, and this thing, oh, and this thing? Thank you
Meg, will you go back to the dungeon kitchen and do magic? So much magic, so much good food, (the brie for breakfast this morning was amazing!) 
Jenn for running cub care, providing entertainment for all ages, Thank you
Hey, Becky can you bring stuff, run stuff, be available to fill in anywhere? Thank you
Hey Greg, can you run this newbie poker tournament for me, oh, and can you go right into running the main event, wait we have 10 players, how can we adjust, and doing it all without a grunt. Thank you
Speaking of dealers, Ethan, Anna, Wendy, Sean, Kyle (hey want to learn to deal a BJ tournament that has different rules?) Thank you! 
Janna, Jason, Steve, Casey, Lynna, you all donated items, Thank you
Other Steve for out bidding everyone, Thank You
If you bought tickets, Thank you! 

We raised more than $500 from the event entries, about $300 in ticket sales, the winning bid was $369, (really?) my match puts us close enough to round it up to a 2k donation to
Thank You
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