The Knights of the Eternal Flame Present: Crafting and Combat Training Day

March 04, 2023

Site was West Stafford Fire Department Indoor Function Hall - Stafford, CT.

Event Holder was Diana Learned.

Event Description
The Knights of the Eternal Flame would like to cordially welcome all members of the Realms to a training and crafting workshop where we would be honored to share our collective knowledge with the community.

A particular feature of this workshop event is that the teaching sessions will be long-form; each will be half the day in length. This format will allow us a great deal of instruction time, assuring that you’ll have time to finish the items that you want to craft and that we’ll have time to impart specialized instruction to everyone who wants to learn.

There will be a weapons and armor crafting session, a caster gear and questing gear crafting session, a combat training session and a casting and questing training session. Also there are limited slots available to join some KoEF in the kitchen helping to serve food for the event while also engaging in a feast-o-crat training session. Apart from these long-form sessions, there will be stations throughout the day where other KoEF will be teaching more discrete skills such as NPC etiquette and magic marshaling, so you can round out your day of training with some of these other lessons.

Pre-reg for this event is mandatory. We need to have a complete understanding of how many people will be there and how many supplies we will need to acquire in order to structure the day properly.

For those of you who are interested in taking crafting sessions, the ability to make many basic items is included in the event fee, but there are some more advanced options that may carry an additional cost.

You can learn more about how the day is structured and sign up for the sessions you are interested in by filling out this Google form:

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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