Voraniss Questing: 1.5 The Circle of Crows

March 25, 2023

Site was M Duga's property - Granby, MA.

Event Holder was Derek Booke.

Event Description
After a mostly quiet winter, Sir Edwyn Rainecourt, the Lich, is on the move once more. It was unavoidable, I suspect, that such an evil would walk free again, but now yesterday’s problem has become today’s. 

This time, scouts under the employ of the Order of the Saintly Shadow have reported that Sir Edwyn and his minions are moving north towards a small wooded region. There are rumors of an old graveyard in the area, one guarded by the ancient Druidic order the Circle of Crows.

We remain uncertain what Edwyn seeks there. Perhaps it is more corpses for his undead army, perhaps not, but it is worth investigating before he adds another weapon to his repertoire. You will have to befriend the Druids there and see if you can discover what secrets this place holds and what its relationship is to our wayward necromancer.

I wish that I could join you for this adventure, but my blade is needed elsewhere. Duty calls, as many of you understand. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will keep me apprised of your progress. Tread with caution, and take care of yourselves until we meet again.

-Second Sword Angelique Desormeaux
Order of the Saintly Shadow
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