Voraniss Questing III The Siege of Necron

October 06 - October 08, 2023

Site was Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA.

Event Holders were Craig Blais, Adam Blaisdell, Anthony Quintana.

Event Description
**IC Notes:**

After months of tracking Sir Edwyn’s forces throughout the Realms with the aid of the Circle of Crows, the Silverwing Justicar, and the Enlightened Quill Society, it has become clear where our wayward Lich intends to strike next. His scattered forces are converging upon the abandoned Necron, a base of power that once belonged to the necromancer known as Calladen.

It is likely that he will be sending Sir Roman and Dame Carrion in to claim as many of the useful leftovers as they can get their hands on, including relics, souls, beasts, and bodies. It is a veritable treasure trove of wicked means to wicked ends.

Raelynn, Percival, Grimpaw, and I intend to scout out as much information as we can for you in advance but know that this will be a race against time. Hard decisions will need to be made, and you must learn to prioritize as a team if you want to stop things from escalating from bad to worse. The enemy is motivated after their last defeat, and they will stop at nothing to advance their cause.

Make your preparations, and we will soon meet to plan our infiltration.

-Second Sword Angelique Desormeaux
Order of the Saintly Shadow

**OOC Notes:**

On Friday night, come celebrate the autumnal season at Evie’s tavern, where we’ll be hosting our traditional fall equinox potluck, as well as the new and improved Wild Hunt tournament. You can expect our usual Friday night court, Bardics, and some special surprise competitions that Evie has planned just for the occasion before traveling to the outskirts of Necron in the morning.

Saturday day will have questing starting around 11:00 AM and will run until dinner break, followed by a night quest.

Sunday there will be continued content and event wrap-up.
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