The Coronation of King Shandar

May 26 - May 28, 2023

Site was Camp Bonnie Brae - Otis, MA.

Event Holders were Maria Carr, Samantha Desrochers, Josh Learned.

Feastocrat was Gregory Falconer.

Event Description
*Posted upon every tavern and public hall throughout the Realms*

To the denizens of the Realms,

The honor of your presence is requested to witness the Coronation of Shandar Silverstorm to the title of King of the nation of Invictus on the evening of Saturday, May 27, 1023. Additionally, please join us on the surrounding days as we celebrate this august occasion with a variety of tournaments, feasting, and general merrymaking. Please bring whatsoever retinue of your countrymen to attend upon you to prove the adage ‘The more the merrier’.

The weekend will be filled with events to chronicle this joyous occasion. Come and participate in or marvel as an observer at the challenges we have lined up! 

Saturday will bring the opportunity to prove your martial prowess in combat, hand-picked by the future King himself based upon his favorite tournaments! Winners will receive prizes compliments of Shandar!

We do know, however, that fighting for sport is not everyone’s cup of tea. If combat isn’t your ideal form of revelry, there will also be a trial of magical proportions. Try your hand at a challenge of the mystical sorts, run by the clever Sir Aelias Softshadow. 

If the thought of those both sound equally unappealing, maybe you prefer the underhanded arts. In such an instance, there will be a challenge suited to you, as well. Those liberators of overweight coin pouches and treasure plunderers will have a chance to compete against like-minded individuals, run by the forthright Sir Zatarra. 

After the daytime entertainment has waned, we will invite you to get adorned in your most elegant attire. Then, we shall head inside the hall and feast on a spread from the kitchen of Sir Daekara. 

Once bellies are full and tastebuds are singing in blissful delight, we will venture forth to the ceremonial hall. There, all will bear witness to the Coronation of the King of Invictus, Sir Shandar Silverstorm. After the monarch is crowned, there will be opportunity to speak at open court, run by the newly appointed court herald, Sir Cinnabar. 

Following the court proceedings, dessert will be provided in the feast hall. Then grab your friends and join the fires as we celebrate the newly minted sovereign. This will be a night to remember a we rekindle stories of old and create ones anew!

Brunch will be served the following morning, along with a Battle of the Bards! What screams harder than pancakes and poetry?! Than sausages and songs?! Than ballads and bacon?! Join us in wrapping up a spectacular weekend with breakfast and some jams. 

We look forward to you joining us for this momentous occasion. Until then, be healthy and safe in your travels!

*Hastily scrawled below the notice in atrocious handwriting*

There is a matter that requires your utter discretion. A certain individual accidentally released a certain giant, fire-breathing, fancy farmer Goose by the name of Todd. 
He has eluded our capture up until this point and we have heard mutterings of villages in the Great Cinnabog being razed and citizens being fowly murdered. After taking a gander at one such village, I can confirm those accounts. 
Please, come a little early to Shandar’s coronation[Friday night] and assist us in recapturing him before he destroys any more dwellings. Whatever you do, don’t tell Shandar because I’ll have to get rid of Todd. Thanks!

-Thyme Silverstorm
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