Rhiassa Presents: Echoes of Ragnarok: The Conclusion Yggdrasill

April 13, 2024

Site is West Stafford Fire Department Indoor Function Hall - Stafford, CT (View Map).
Site opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM.

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday April 13, 2024.
Event ends at 06:00 PM, on Saturday April 13, 2024.

Cost is $20 paid pre reg required..
Cost via PayPal.me is $20.00 per person.
Pre-registration ( money, magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Jason T Rosa
Event Description

Greetings, Heroes of the Realms,

I was pleased to see you again at the festivities you held at the north border of Rhiassa, The Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival. I was pleased as well for you to have met my trusty Saurian Steed, Buttercup. In the years since you saved Norlund from total destruction the benevolent stewardship provided by Tychasaurus has allowed Midgard to prosper, and travel across its wide, fertile plains is mostly accomplished on smaller two-legged species of dinosaurs like Buttercup.

As I mentioned to you when we spoke, while Norlund was ultimately saved through your intervention, right now Yggdrasil, which connects together all of the lands of Norlund, is growing amuck. With Midgard and the other worlds made anew, the ancient tree no longer understands how to interconnect them all and as such, is tearing the lands apart with its gargantuan roots and branches as it tries.

Earlier this year I sent you all instructions on how to obtain your own Saurians Steeds for this quest. Hopefully that is something you were able to do. Their tenacity and their speed will be necessary for your success.

We have communed with the new Aesir and Vanir that have blessed our worlds and we understand what must be done to finally put all of Norlund at ease. You must travel the breadth of Norlund and through different gates enter into the roots of Yggdrasill itself. Once there you must direct its growth so that it can understand how to connect to all the worlds that you remade and stop its inadvertent destruction of our lands.

It pains me to ask anything more of all of you, now that you have given us so much. In the true sense of the word, we owe you everything. But it will all be for naught without this final step. So I beseech you with unending faith in your resourcefulness, your might, and your goodwill.

Strength and Honor,
Baron Ulric of the Jomsvikings

Rules Changes and Notes

In order to make this plot easily accessible to all newer players, a full history of all important plot points can be found online at: http://rhiassa.com/quests/index.html

The document that was circulated to allow all players to get their own Saurian Steeds can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nombrdOLAisVVdG0CBudwlYzslcx9ZgJM4WMGLUz1WQ/edit

The discord group where catching Saurian Steeds is marshaled can be found here: https://discord.gg/fK8jQuAy

Other Notes

While the official site for this event is the indoor hall, and we will be using that hall at times, all players should, after parking, report to the nearby outdoor pavilion to stash their stuff and get ready for the event.

West Stafford Fire Department Indoor Function Hall
144 W Stafford Rd, Stafford
Stafford, CT 06076

(Please note this is the same site as the Pavilion that we have used many times but a different area of the site and a different parking situation)

Find your best way to Rt 190 in CT.

190 is Exit 47E from 91 coming from the North.

It is Exit 73 from 84 coming from the North.

The Fire House is at 144 W Stafford Rd (which is 190).

Come in the main entrance to the Fire House and drive around the back of the building by going to the right hand side. There are parking spots in the back of the building (near the dumpsters) and the side of the building. Make sure you are never blocking any kinds of bay doors or other entrances when you park.

Overflow parking is off the driveway that leads to the lower pavilion (in the back of the building), make sure your car is off the road.

The entrance to the hall is the ramp near the handicap parking spots right at the back of the building.