Rhiassa Presents: Feast of the Leviathan XXV Homecoming

January 13, 2024

Site is JN Webster Boy Scout Camp - Ashford, CT (View Map).
Site opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM.

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday January 13, 2024.
Event ends at 07:00 PM, on Saturday January 13, 2024.

Cost is $30-$50 per person (kids 11-15 are $15, kids 10 and under are free). We'll be using the flexible-pay model with this event. The minimum (non-child) price is $30, but if you would like to help us offset our losses, contribute to making the event even better, and can spare a little more, you'd have our deepest gratitude if you can increase the payment of your registration as high as $50. This extra payment is strictly voluntary. Paid pre-registration is required for this event..
Cost when paid online is $30.00 (Venmo) / $30.00 (PayPal.me) per person.
Pre-registration ( money, magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Jason T Rosa
Jennifer DeNardis-Rosa (Unofficial)
Lani Jones
Event Description

Greetings my friends,

As I woke up to the chill in the air this morning my thoughts immediately sprang forward to the days ahead. Soon we will begin preparing our lands and our kitchens for the Feast of the Leviathan. This annual Rhiassan feast is also a tradition from my homeland, one where we greet the long winter with a spirit of friendship and community and the resolve to endure until the warmth of spring greets us once again.

As always, we plan to host the greatest of celebrations, of one another, of our community, and, this year, some very special occasions as well.

This is the twenty-fifth Feast of the Leviathan, after all. A quarter-century of welcoming the people of The Realms to our halls. A quarter century of delicious meals, of grand announcements at court, of tournaments and games and enjoying one another's company within a cozy feast hall in the bleakest time of the year. That's certainly a thing worthy of celebration.

And yet there is something further for which we have cause to rejoice. This year is the thirtieth since Sir Duncan and Lady Fallon set roots in these Realms and began the country of Rhiassa. Thus we will be dedicating our Feast this year to celebrating the long history and many accomplishments of our nation. We're thrilled to be extending special invitations to storied Rhiassan heroes of the past three decades and we hope that you will join us in thanking them for the strong foundation they created for us and built upon for so many years.

So please, find your way to Southland this coming January and join together with us to celebrate our past and our future together. Both ours as the nation of Rhiassa, and all of ours as an enduring community that can boast traditions that stretch through the decades.

Here's to twenty-five years of the Feast of the Leviathan, and to many, many more in the years to come.

Leviathan with you,
Lord Sir Aeston, Lady Dame Areni, and Lord Sir Gwen Stromgate

Rules Changes and Notes
  1. The bulk of the day will not feature traditional plated service to seated patrons. The hall will be bustling and activities will be happening scattered around the entire interior and exterior of the premises. We promise you, however, you will not go hungry!

  2. During this open hall portion of the day, food will be plentiful and varied. The kitchen will continuously be producing a wide array of small bites and amuse-bouche, brought out by servants on platters and circulated around the hall. Beyond that, there will also be a revolving station with more hearty offerings available throughout the day. We cannot stress enough that there is no way you will be able to spend the day hungry with the volume and variety of food that will be pouring out of the kitchen.

  3. If you have any kind of dietary restriction please fill out this form by January 1st so we can serve you best (https://forms.gle/wCskCcKQec94vMVj7)

  4. We will have a bar set up for drink service with expert bartending services! The hall is dry, but we will have a welcome variety of both hot and cold drinks with some specialty items as well including the widely popular Rhiassan Fruit Fizz.

  5. During this open hall portion of the day, entertainment and non-combat tournaments will be dispersed around both the large and small sections of the hall. There will be contests and games including the return of our sculpture contest, puzzle contest, our table-top challenges, and new offerings as well. We’ll give you lots to do!

  6. Returning this year! The Gilded Lion Links Miniature Golf Course will feature a nine-hole course of putting challenges to amuse you throughout the day. Everyone will get their own personal score card and try to earn points by getting par or better on each hole. You can even steal points from other players by challenging them to competitive games of BattlePutts! Cash in your points at the end of the day to win prizes! New to the course this year will be the Practice Green to warm up at which will also be a place for our youngest patrons to be able to golf without fee!

  7. The Clontarf Casino will be in attendance with Rhiassa’s own table game, Luck of the Lion. To encourage participation, especially by those who are new to playing at a casino, vouchers for some free chips will be available as you arrive at the door. There will also be a Stacked Deck poker tournament starting early in the day.

  8. The Nation of Voraniss has requested the aid of any willing adventurers to help them deal with various threats and happenings with some small-group questing throughout the day.

  9. Rhiassan Cub Care will return this year with activities to keep the youngest members of our community entertained and happy. Please note: Parents who would like their kids to participate in cub care must register at this link (https://forms.gle/RyAihRHPegNTU9LF7) by January 1st so we can make sure we can give them the best possible experience.

  10. As always, there is plenty of space for merchants of all varieties to set up their wares. Contact Aeston if you desire to do so.

  11. The Heroes of the Western Flank appreciation auction will once again take place this year. This yearly tradition is Rhiassa’s way of honoring members of the community for the effort they put into one of the community’s most valuable and unsung duties. Make sure you get a participation survey from the registration table and tell us how much you NPC’d this year to have a chance to win some magic items!

  12. During the early evening, the feast will transition to a more traditional format. Tables will be arranged with place settings and dinnerware and a family-style meal followed by dessert will be served from the kitchen.

  13. Per our normal procedures, you can reserve a table for your group with pre-regges. Three pre-regges from the same nation will allow you to reserve a table. This year tables will seat eight to ten. Since all attendees will be pre-regged this year, I’ll let you know if you need less or more tables than you might have predicted when you contact me and throughout the process.

  14. During our plated dinner Rhiassa will host court. Immediately following Rhiassa’s courtly proceedings, the View from Valehaven award ceremony will take place with a celebrated return to the day after its short hiatus.

  15. Following that, final event awards and thank yous will then take place right before we all say goodbye for the evening.

Other Notes

Covid Restrictions:

-All attendees must be vaccinated or have a negative test from within 12 hours of the start of the event. At sign in you will sign a form attesting to the fact that you're vaccinated or have a negative test.

-Pre-reg through RealmsNET will be used as a contact tracing system so paid pre-reg is required for this event.

This is a dry site. No pets allowed.

JN Webster Boy Scout Camp
231 Ashford Center Road
Ashford, CT 06278

Taking 84 W: Get off exit 72 (Westford) in CT. Follow Rt 89 South
until the intersection with Rt 44. Take a left at the light. Camp is
on the left at the top of the hill, about 1000ft after Midway Pizza.

Taking 84 E: Get off exit 69 onto Rt 74. Travel east of 74 and turn
left on rt 44 at the light. Camp is on the left at the top of the
hill, about 1000ft after Midway Pizza.

Taking 395 S: Take exit 97 (Putnam) onto Rt 44W through the towns of
Putnam, Pomfret, and Eastford. The camp is on the right in Ashford,
just past the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.