Rise of the Gi-sistance

July 27 - July 28, 2024

Site is Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 9am Saturday July 27 and closes at 5pm Sunday July 28.

Event starts at 10:00 AM, on Saturday July 27, 2024.
Event ends at 04:00 PM, on Sunday July 28, 2024.

Cost is $20-40 per person before July 13, $30-40 July 13 and later.
Cost via PayPal.me is $40.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Patrick Bobell
Eric Willisson
Registration List   (39 players)
Player characters
Squire Alias
Anthony Warder
(Benjamin Lacasse)
Princess Cimone
Lord Cressida
David (the Red)
Baron Diamond
Sir Elizah
Archdruid Evitta Jainrose
Fern Eberhardt
Garen Elesgar
Ser Gordon Lightfoot
Grarr Seawoods
Grevin Teeka
Squire Griffin Hurana
Grindin Starbrook
Initiate Irri
Your Friend Jean C'est Magnifique Try Baptise
Magus Sir Kara Ya Kang-Blackheart
SIR Killian
Ser Kovaks
Leo Hurana II
Squire Margaret August, Lightbringer
Sir Maxter "Zula" Darkwood
Squire Odd
Omri Azar
Sir Orion
Osric Turnstone
Rowan Heatherfrost
Squire Ryu Goldscale
Highlord Temorse Sorowind
Squire Tirvanel

Staff / NPCs
Kathy Fey
Antonio Laudati
Event Description


This 24-hour-live war questing event is a showdown over a decade in the making, with a storyline spanning two dozen events! We're planning for it to be intense in a good way, and if our players are successful it will be due to an impressive showing of cumulative and in-the-moment cooperation and effort. This event will feature war maneuvers like at Queen of Hearts/Green & Gold, plus questing and story and special overarching war mechanics, nonstop from event start to event end.

If you'd like to take part in this historic finale and haven't been following along, don't worry! The IC note from Warlord Saka below gives you all the context you need to jump in and play. If you'd like to do some reading, however, several of our players over the years have recorded details of the story in the Library of Ivory and View from Valehaven, there's a brief summary on the Chim website, and asking around Realms spaces online will likely yield more stories and information to help connect as many dots as you'd like.


Fellow adventurers,

We repelled the Risen Kingdom invasion with great effort several years ago. They still occupy the plane of Gi as a launching point to invade and consume even more worlds. Since our first visit in 1019 the people of Gi have formed a resistance to take back their world from the Fallen King (a revived god in the body of a mortal child who rules the Risen Kingdom with corrupted Void Magic).

The Gidan Resistance has a plan to collapse all magical void corruption from this reality into the plane where Void Magic originated, but the final step must be taken in the heart of the enemy's capitol city. Based on the scouting intel from small teams of adventurers crossing over from the Realms, our best bet will be to hit hard and fast to disrupt or destroy enemy weapons and assets before they can be leveraged against us. Significantly, this will largely be without the aid of deities and magical artifacts from the Realms. Gi is a hostile environment and those traveling there from the Realms have thus far experienced a loss of connections to gods other than Vesta, and suspension of any magical artifacts' powers. Fortunately, personal spells and the material properties of special weapons remain effective on the other side of the portal.

I am mobilizing a large portion of Chimeron's standing military and reserves to commit about 26,000 professional and mustered militia to this fight. A large staging ground and supply routes near the portal to Gi are prepared should any of your nations be willing to send combatants, supplies, or logistics personnel to aid with the war. If you accompany our forces yourself, you will be able to fight alongside them, help direct their tactics on the field, boost morale, take on stronger enemy units than regular soldiers could stand against, and use magic to maximize Risen Kingdom losses while minimizing our own.

Everyone and everything we bring to this fight will matter. One more hero on the field could mean hundreds of lives saved, or even the difference between success and failure. This is not a lighthearted quest through the woods or a dungeon dive for another magic item. This is an all-out war to return a ravaged world to its people. It will be exhausting, and it will likely be costly. But if we are successful here, it will also be the definitive end of a powerful, insatiable evil.

It is time to tear the Fallen King down.
Warlord Saka

Rules Changes and Notes


This event lasts 30 OOC hours across July 27-28, but that time will represent up to 10 days (July 23-August 1) IC for the Realms. Until conclusive victory or failure is reached, every three OOC hours will represent the passage of one IC day. There will be many field battles, and there will be content running nonstop from event start to event end. Players will want to plan to sleep in shifts, commute off site, or stay awake for the duration.

Regular Special Rules

  • Chimeron's Code of Conduct+ and Rua Thar Cinn's Special Calls will be in effect, as usual. However, there has been a modification to the combat call "Slag" and all players should familiarize themselves with its effects.
  • Story Shards will be in effect, with the modification that every scout on a Crimson Path mission will be able to submit and redeem an additional Story Shard for each mission they successfully complete before the event's start time. We will work hard to respond with results as soon as possible to allow for strategic submission of subsequent shards.

Special Special Rules

  • MECHANICS WARNING: access to deities and Magic Items in Gi are story-limited, and unmitigated these restrictions prevent access to magics not inherent to people and artifacts while in Gi. Players should plan to roleplay access or lack thereof accordingly.
  • The plane of Gi is a dumpster fire. Players of characters who have not acclimated to Gi's environment will be required to wear orange goggles and experience a brief, moderately unpleasant sensory phenomenon upon entering its atmosphere for the first time.
  • Regional Magic and modified Trappings of Civilization will be in effect.
  • Crimson Path scouting missions are available to complete between now and the start of the event.
  • Custom War Camp, Battle, and Logistics mechanics will be in effect.

Encounter Special Rules:

Some combat and/or roleplaying encounters at the event will have special mechanics specific to that encounter. You will be briefed on them by a marshal or receive written explanations before and/or during the encounters as appropriate.

Site Rules

  • No alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, vaping, pets, or swimming.
  • Please park considerately to help make sure everyone can fit into the lot.
  • Stay away from the buildings near the main parking lot unless told it's okay to go there. One is the site caretaker's house, one is the staff/NPC building. Traversing the trail from the tavern through the parking lot and past the staff/NPC building is fine.
Other Notes

Event Price

We are using a sliding scale pricing model through July 12, during which time please pay what you are comfortable paying from $20 to $40. Starting July 13, the event fee is $30. If you want to play and the event fee is prohibitive for you, reach out to Eric or Pat to work something out. We don't want price to get in the way of anyone getting to be a part of this finale event.

Food and Sleep

  • Be aware that staff will not be providing food for this event. Players will have access to the tavern kitchen for self-organized food storage, prep, and serving.
  • Players will have access to the site's tavern for shelter, as well as the small clearing behind the tavern for tenting. Players will NOT have access to the main field for tenting. Be aware that there will NOT be a scheduled break in content for sleep and that your character may become involved in combat at any time during the event.
  • If you wish to leave the site and return later (for example, to get food or go home to sleep) you may always do so without IC or OOC penalty from staff.


While this event is planned to run nonstop from start to end, there is no penalty for pulling yourself from any IC situation to take care of yourself OOC. If challenging story elements, strong emotions, temperature/hunger/thirst, lack of sleep, or even just a need to use the restroom is keeping you from participating in the event in a healthy way, you may at any time go out of character and do what you need to do. If it is unclear how to rejoin the event flow after bowing out for a time, please get the attention of the marshal accompanying the players for help.

Camp Blanchard Y Camp
208 Manchaug Rd
Sutton, MA

Take 290 South to 395
Take 395 to exit 4A for Sutton (There are two exit 4s. Take the one
that says Sutton Ave. Sutton.)
Go right at end of exit.
Go 3.5 miles
Turn right onto Manchaug Road (there is a sign to the camp on the
corner). The camp is approximately two miles on the right