Voraniss Questing 4 The Ruins of Lostpeak

May 17 - May 19, 2024

Site was Sterling "The Hall @ 34 Ford Road" - Sterling, MA.

Event Holders were Derek Booke, Renee Booke, Joshua Bryant.

Event Description
**IC Notes:**

According to the Druidic prophecies of Keeper Pierthorn, Sir Edwyn Rainecourt, Knight of the Aberrant Gate, will one day travel to the city of Lostpeak in search of a former companion. That is what I learned when you adventurers recovered this knowledge from the ancestral graveyard of the Circle of Crows.
Since then, the Enlightened Quill Society has teamed up with the Silverwing Justicar to get a head start on our mutual enemy. We have set up an archeological dig site around Lostpeak, but I am sad to say, that what remains is little more than a vast network of ruins, not a city. Still, I am hopeful that with your help, we can uncover the secrets of this place and find knowledge, or resources, that will help in this conflict. 

Meet us on the 18th day of May, and I will apprise you of the current situation.

-May the past guide us into the future, 
Percival Aldous Montgomery
Enlightened Quill Society

**OOC Notes:**
On Friday night, come join in the seasonal revels happening at Evie’s Tavern! Be exposed to the merriment and wild nature of our country; join in on the Voranian Spring Ritual of Renewal, test your mettle in Boar Pit, enter the Potluck Appetizer Tournament, bear witness to Voraniss Court, and be thoroughly entertained by campfire camaraderie.

There will be a Stacked Deck poker tournament held at 9pm (or shortly after court ends, as long as we have 8 people to play) and it will last 3 hours. It is a 50 gold buy-in, 6000 chips. When you first buy-in, you will be given an opportunity to buy 1000 extra chips for 5 gold. This 5 gold will go directly to the dealer as a tip. Standard 20 minute blinds will be used.
REBUYS: 50/50/50.  There are THREE possible 50 gold rebuys in the first hour: 50 gold for an additional 6000 chips each. Rebuys will not be available after the first hour.  You must be below HALF (3k chips) to purchase a rebuy.
RELOAD: At the end of the hour, anyone has the option of one rebuy, regardless of stack size. You cannot go over three total rebuys, so if you have already rebought 3 times, the end of the hour option does not apply to you.

Saturday questing will begin around 11:00 AM and will run until dinner break, roughly 6:00 PM. Night quest will follow.

Sunday will be event wrap-up and light questing.
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