Avalon Questing 2

December 16, 2023

Site is WPI - Worcester, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 10AM and closes at 7pm.

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Saturday December 16, 2023.
Event ends at 06:00 PM, on Saturday December 16, 2023.

Cost is $5 (Free for current WPI students).
Cost via PayPal.me is $5.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Hillary Fotino
Event Description

NPC 1 quest, PC 2 quests. 3 Slots of Questing in Fae each lasting
around 2 hours.

If you're interested in running a quest, please reach out soon!

Slot 1 :

I come to you with a request. For some time my home has been being devastated by a rot which turns all it touches to ash. Even the magic of Fae cannot regrow what has been lost. In the months I spent away, I discovered the cause of this rot: a creature of unimaginable power that has been eating away at the magic that runs through my home. I ask that you venture through Fae with me to aid in defeating this beast - to render its existence null. I would not ask this of you unless I had no other choice. For too long it has destroyed my home and my people. I cannot rest until they are free.

I thank you in advance,


Slot 2: A new Herald shall come, with a task for those who answer: would you come away to Tír na nÓg? Though our worlds did part, you'll be safe and sound.

Slot 3: A mining company of knockers have requested aid. There is something deep in their mine which is making them reluctant to enter and do their important work. Will you venture into the mine and help them with their plight and find what lurks in the depths and the dark?

Rules Changes and Notes

We are asking that no weapons over 5' or bows are permitted. The floors are linoleum so be mindful of that when choosing footware and kneepads. SMAS has asked that we be mindful of not scuffing or scratching the floors.

Other Notes

We will be using the Odeum for this event. That's on the top floor of the campus center for those who haven't been there before.

100 Institute Rd.
Worcester, MA 01609

From the East:
Take Mass. Turnpike (I-90) to Exit 11A (I-495). Proceed north to
I-290, then west into Worcester. Take Exit 18, turn right at end of
ramp, then an immediate right before the next traffic light. At next
light, proceed straight through, bearing right onto Salisbury St. At
the WPI sign, turn left onto Boynton St., then right onto Institute
Rd., then right onto West St. Visitor parking is on the left after
the footbridge.

From the North:
Take I-495 south to I-290. Follow directions from east.

From the South and West:
Take Mass. Turnpike (I-90) to Exit 10 (Auburn). Proceed
east on I-290 into Worcester. Take Exit 17 (Lincoln Sq., Rte. 9),
turn left at end of ramp, follow Rte. 9 west through Lincoln Sq., go
straight onto Highland St., then right at lights onto West St. The
WPI campus is two blocks ahead. Visitor parking is on left after the