Sanctuary Questing 1 Moment of Truth

March 17, 2024

Site is WPI - Worcester, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 10:00am and closes at 7:00pm.

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Sunday March 17, 2024.
Event ends at 06:00 PM, on Sunday March 17, 2024.

Cost is $10 (WPI Students Free).
Cost when paid online is $10.61 ( / $10.61 (PayPal) per person.
Pre-registration ( magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Brianna Meisser
Jay Weil (Unofficial)
Magic Marshal
Becky Baron
Event Description

Sanctuary is a peaceful demi-plane, watched over by Guardians. But it was not always like this. Enemies of the Guardians from a time before mortal memory have begun to stir again. And while those in Sanctuary hide, the heroes of the realms have decided to take a more proactive role.

A creature sits in the land of Fae, where belief is more powerful than Truth. It wants to consume the Truth and warp the world to its image. This creature is a Devourer, one of Sanctuary’s enemies. But don’t worry. It is harmless. Or so it has told us. An oath has been sworn, and preparations have been made. But one question remains. How do you defeat something which consumes the concept of Truth itself?

Rules Changes and Notes

Due to uncertainty on if the new omnibus will be published in time for the event, we will be using the 2023 version of the omnibus for Sanctuary Questing 1. As this the old omnibus, there will be no spellbook conversion for this event. Please register your current build when registering magic

There will be opportunities to fight outside of your weapon restriction and use spells you don’t normally have access to. Consider this when packing

Players will be limited to 3 magic items, in-house or backed. All spells and items must be preregistered before the event.

Bows are not permitted. This will be in the Odeum on the top floor of the CC. The floors are linoleum so be mindful of that when choosing footware and kneepads. SMAS has asked that we be mindful of not scuffing or scratching the floor.

Special Calls are listed here.

The regionals are listed here. The Truth regionals will be the default for this event, but other regionals may be taken as part of perks.

Speaking of perks, we plan on beta testing the Sanctuary Perks System at this event. This will allow people to access additional perks on top of their usual equipment. The perks are here. These are available if you prereg for the event.

Feel free to message any of the marshals for an invite to the Sanctuary discord.

There will be some interesting mechanics used at this event. Please be ready to roll with things.

100 Institute Rd.
Worcester, MA 01609

From the East:
Take Mass. Turnpike (I-90) to Exit 11A (I-495). Proceed north to
I-290, then west into Worcester. Take Exit 18, turn right at end of
ramp, then an immediate right before the next traffic light. At next
light, proceed straight through, bearing right onto Salisbury St. At
the WPI sign, turn left onto Boynton St., then right onto Institute
Rd., then right onto West St. Visitor parking is on the left after
the footbridge.

From the North:
Take I-495 south to I-290. Follow directions from east.

From the South and West:
Take Mass. Turnpike (I-90) to Exit 10 (Auburn). Proceed
east on I-290 into Worcester. Take Exit 17 (Lincoln Sq., Rte. 9),
turn left at end of ramp, follow Rte. 9 west through Lincoln Sq., go
straight onto Highland St., then right at lights onto West St. The
WPI campus is two blocks ahead. Visitor parking is on left after the