All Hail the Gloom Father The Last Dream Demon

June 28 - June 30, 2024

Site is Abe Passardi's Land - Willington, CT (View Map).
Site opens at 6/28/2024 5:00 PM and closes at 6/30/2024 3:00 PM.

Event starts at 06:00 PM, on Friday June 28, 2024.
Event ends at 02:00 PM, on Sunday June 30, 2024.

Cost is $40; student discount if requested is $30; please send payment in a way to not include fee on EH end.
Cost via is $40.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Randy Gordon
Sara Jessop
Beth Tozier
Head Marshal
Kathy Fey
Registration List   (18 players)
Player characters
Squire Captain Bogen
Gray Erikkson
Squire Griffin Hurana
Your Friend Jean C'est Magnifique Try Baptise
Sir Laika en'Naur
Squire Margaret August, Lightbringer
Omri Azar
Sir Pawldo of Alifon
Squire Ryu Goldscale
Squire Tirvanel
Apprentice Ypnn

Staff / NPCs
Kathy Fey
Jon Jessop
Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
Michael Palumbo
Abe Passardi
Event Description

Friday night: Charlie's Amazing Slightly Used Maps
Adventurers have heard tale of a book that can change their fate and can reveal many secrets to the universe. Will they acquire it, destroy it, or absorb some of the arcane knowledge? Certainly they will make wise choices. They have a map and a ritual to get there, for a fair price of course. All is good. (This will be a stealth favored mod.)

Friday night: Lost in the dark
A circle of heroes have gathered in a place of darkness. They finish chanting, holding onto to their tether as they are found in absolute darkness, seeking a lost angel. Some will travel forward while others make sure the tether remained unbroken. (This will be a limited light mod/aka we hope you are not afraid of the dark.)

Robin Goodfellow, well, the one from the alternate realiy, is having a party in honor of his Lord. There will be festivities, challenges of the mind and body, and of course surprises for all those that attend. The Lord of Change is not yet decided who or what they will be, but Robin assures us that it's a gathering not to be missed, with fabulous prizes.

A chain has held for a thousand years. A choice. Will it remain that way?

An offer of help from a familiar demonic face from afar. Can evil ever redeem itself or is it just another play?

A playwright seeeking to create the finest play ever searches the area for those comedic and tragic actors to fill the requisite roles. Could it be you?

This will be a questing event, easily accessible to new players, while providing a level of continuity (if you look carefully) for returning players. There will be a portion of the event which includes tournaments. Those not interested in them, will have an alternate plot option. We expect to be up late Saturday night and sleep late on Sunday, with wrap up quests determined based upon player choices.

ADDITONAL PLOT INFO: What’s up with The Dreaming
-Since the beginning, Morpheus was the Master of the Dreaming. He saw Antioch and Minerva as dabblers and let them be as long as they followed his rules.

-A half dream, half dragon boy arrived one day as a token of fealty from Minerva. Morpheus, or Dream as he was called, accepted Orlando Alcazar as his apprentice.

-Time passed and one day, Orlando betrayed Dream, with the help of his mother Minerva. Orlando trapped Dream, changed his own name to The Champion, and placed the most powerful dreams and nightmares that served Dream into his service. He transformed them into Dream Demons, a thing designed to serve him and forget Dream. Dream became known as The Gloom Father and has remained a story for over 1000 years.

-Orlando was slain close to 20 years ago, but part of him remained present and his son known simply as The Dream Demon, maintained the knowledge of Dream while waiting. In this past year, Orlando returned from life long enough to escape to another plane. Soul Taker has taken the mantle of Master of the Dreaming, but does not hold the secret knowledge only possessed by Dream, The Champion, and The Dream Demon.

-And so, the dreaming is broken and enemies believe it may be time for a hostile takeover. Dream could restore balance but may punish those responsible for imprisoning him or betraying him in service of The Champion. Soul Taker could rule if The Dream Demon were to share secrets, but then control of the dreaming might somehow transfer from Antioch to Dionin.

-To free or to bind the chains of Dream?

All Hail the Gloom Father: The Lowdown on the Downlow**
Friday night:

-The Adventurers (that’s you) are looking for information in a book on how they can either break the Gloom Father (aka Morpheus or Dream) free or make sure he stays chained. The book is in a well-guarded maze. Better to be quiet and not alert the sentries, or worse, the stationary guards. Being loud will have consequences.

-Danica is an angel who happens to be trapped in a wand around Margaret’s belt, because Margaret’s wish for a wand of light was twisted by a Fae Trickster. Margaret is leading a rescue mission into absolute darkness to find Danica and get her out. Expect limited, if any light, and foes that are stronger in the dark. Souls may be lost in this perilous rescue mission. Those interested in helping, but not putting themselves in harm's way, may guard the tethers leading others into the wand.

-Robin, the Fae Trickster, is holding a party for his Lord (previously known as the Lord of Change). Expect unorthodox tournaments, side quests, surprise guests, and perhaps some zaniness. It also seems that some Dreams and Nightmares may have escaped through the portal last summer. How might they manifest and to what end? At least one of them has been asking about a dark mirror.

-At some point, adventurers will travel to a plane of destruction and madness to seek the power needed to free or secure the Gloom Father. Things there seem to fight a great deal, often about nothing. Was that an animal cry you just heard? Find the sound of chopping wood in order to make your way forward.

Saturday night:
-Control of Dreams and Nightmares has been less predictable with Soul Taker in charge. It seems that he may be experiencing an invasion of sorts. Help Soul Taker, depose him, or find another to run the show. Dreams, nightmares, and something else. And there’s the matter of making a choice about the Gloom Father. And what ever happened with the Lord of Change?


  • wrap up quests based upon PC requests AND
  • Neden Zombie Cleanup Presented by Jean Baptiste A grand battle royale that provides rewards to the last competitor alive, the combatant who kills the most zombies, and the contestant who kills the most other contestants. The battlefield will get increasingly smaller as the battle rages on. If you get killed too many times you’ll become a zombie who can gain more power over time. You will be provided with tokens that will be searched off of you as you are killed and when the game is over prizes are awarded to the players with the most white, most red, and most blue tokens.

Do you have what it takes to win this epic competition?

Rules Changes and Notes

This document may change as we get closer to the event, but it wouldn't hurt to read up on the various calls.

Rough draft regionals

Neden Zombie Cleanup- TBD

Other Notes

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$40, student discount if requested is $30

(plot cookies are perks that will be created with character input post registration)

GPS: Bidwell Road, Willington, CT. This will be a dirt road. The site will be up the road on the right.

Past due
$30 paid prereg by January 15, 2024: May register up to 3 items; 2 plot cookies or 1 big plot cookie given at event

$35 paid prereg by April 1, 2024: May register up to 1 magic item, 1 plot cookie given at event

Important Site Notes
This is a carry in, carry out site. Be ready to take your trash with you when you head home. We can have bags on hand for you.
There is no running water on site. We will have water to drink available, and we also encourage folks to bring their own. We have an outhouse and will also have a porta potty available.
Bring Bug Spray!
There is limited parking: Attempt to carpool.

Abe Passardi's Land
Willington, CT

Get to I-84 in CT. Get off EXIT 71. Off the ramp look for big yellow
EVENT signs. Follow them to the site. Site is roughly 3 miles from