Ascension of King Saegan

June 14 - June 16, 2024

Site was Ye Olde Commons - Charlton, MA.

Event Holders were Jana Greene, Matthew Hewitt, Neil S. Tozier.

Feastocrat was Ben Greene.

Event Description
King Kerrell and Queen Jinx cordially invite you to a regal celebration to witness the grand transition of power.   

On the eve of his ascension, and in keeping with the customs of the Blackwood rulers, Saegan is required to form a spiritual bond with a native spirit beast. However, given Edaonae's current condition, uncertainty surrounds this endeavor. We seek the assistance of willing adventurers to aid in this task. 

Our day will commence with a majestic coronation ceremony, marking the momentous occasion of Prince Saegan's ascent to the throne. In honor of this significant occasion, King K and his culinary team will orchestrate a seven-course culinary journey, drawing inspiration from the diverse regions of Blackwood. To ensure meticulous preparation, we kindly request your pre-registration and notification of any dietary requirements. Your presence is paramount to our arrangements; thus, please inform us of your attendance so we may accommodate your needs appropriately. We eagerly await your response.

With cordial good wishes,
       	Sir K & Jinx

The night quest will be on Friday night. 

We are offering accommodation in five cabins, each equipped with five beds. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis. We are asking $25 per bed. Make sure to reach out to Jana regarding their availability.  There is also plenty of space if you want to bring tents.

On Saturday, the day begins with a leisurely gathering around 11:30 am, leading up to a ceremonial noon event. Guests are then invited to mingle and settle in before the feast, served at one o'clock.

Court will be held while people enjoy their final course, dessert.

This is a plated event, so pre-registration is essential to ensure ample provisions and settings. While on-site payment is accepted, early confirmation of attendance is greatly appreciated.

This extravagant affair requires the assistance of dedicated servers to ensure smooth operations. Servers/Staff will be offered an reduced entry fee of $35 and can still relish in the feast while lending a helping hand. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Jana (Jinx) to sign up.  

Please contact Ben (Sir K) with any special requirements. Rest assured, our menu caters to all, with options thoughtfully curated to accommodate vegetarians alongside Blackwood's renowned meat offerings. 

A tavern mocktail bar will be available to complement the feast, featuring themed (non-alcoholic) concoctions. While the site operates as damp, guests are welcome to bring their preferred beverages. We trust in the maturity and responsibility of all attendees to conduct themselves appropriately.

We extend an invitation for you to stay overnight, allowing you to depart at your convenience. Sunday will be dedicated to breaking down and cleaning up the site

There will be prize drawings. All paid pre-regs will get some tickets if pre-reg is received before Thursday the 13th. The tickets will also be available for gold! All prizes will include some gold currency, the amounts will be somewhat random for each prize. Some prizes might be items of fading magic. While they are unlikely to keep being magical for a long time, they will last for a year or two. Some prizes will also require you to be 21+ and 18+. (alcohol and Steel, what a great combo!). All prizes will be drawn after dessert/open court.

At some point in the day on Saturday, Clontarf will sponsor a round of Deal Or No Deal. At reg/check in you will receive a golden numbered ticket. Please hold on to this ticket. One very lucky person will get a chance to play where the top prize could be 1000 gold! Must be present to win!

Clontarf Casino will be in full swing on Saturday starting after the coronation. It will close as plated courses come out. This is so all players and the dealers will be able to sample the amazing food coming out of the kitchen. 

Tao will also be taking bets on pretty much anything you want to bet on. Odds to be determined at the time of betting.

Friday night after other activities have finished, Tao will be hosting a live poker gold game. This will not count towards stacked deck. table stakes. Game to be determined by the players but Hold-Em seems most likely.
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