Ghost of a CHANce Fixing Chan

April 20, 2024

Site was Camelot Cohousing Common House - Berlin, MA.

Event Holder was John Rescigno.

Event Description
A sacrifice was made. A god was killed. Stories were told, and the ink dried. 

There are always those who do not accept the end of a story and wish to re-write the words. This is difficult to do but sacrifices have been made, efforts given, pain taken, and a chance will be given. 

The Storyteller

This is a capped event with room for 30. The description of the event will be updated with the list of PAID pre-registrations taking priority over unpaid. 
1 Stephen Sanford
2 Dan Hudon
3 Kreg Kaminski
4 Heath Saino
5 Tim Suitor
6 Leanne Micciche
11 Brianna Meisser
12 David Rubenstein
13 Randy Gordon
14 Andrew Bancroft
15 Wendy Vigneault-Taylor
16 Kelly Bonci
17 Zack Emmert
18 Hillary Fotino
19 Briar Sieracki
20 Adrian Cronin
21 Issac Saff
22 Brent Taylor
23 Nixon Showalter
25 Sky Rubenstein
26 Athena Jacobowitz Teatum
27 Alistair Gilmour
28 Adam Huneke
29 Justin Balanca-Hawkes
30 Joseph Yang
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