Blackwood Tournaments XI The Fated Arena

July 12 - July 14, 2024

Site was Sterling "The Hall @ 34 Ford Road" - Sterling, MA.

Event Holders were Jamison Bancroft, Dani Lacasse, Emma Sherman.

Event Description

Come one! Come All! The lands of Blackwood cry out to all with the insatiable desire for valorous combat and raucous comradery, for the time has come once again for Blackwood Tournaments!

Lord Sir Elizah & Squire Hedda welcome you to the dark and mysterious lands of Shadowdragon to join us for our 11th annual hosting of Blackwood Tournaments, featuring all the staples you know and love, and many new ideas that we hope you fall in love with.  We are ecstatic to find ourselves in such good favor to be celebrating not only our new-crowned King Saegan, but also our Kingdom’s 15th Reclamation Day, and we are even more fortunate to be able to share these joyous moments with our many international allies and dear friends.  For you, our beloved guests, we here at Murkwater Tavern have prepared our finest in all categories: Team & Single Tournaments, Vesper’s Shoot House, Beer Pits, Poker, A Trivia Night- we might even let you kiss a zombie!  Whatever your adventurous heart desires, we here in Shadowdragon seek to provide you with the cure to your ails!

Dost’ thou’ covet a hilarious good time over delicious drinks? Then come into our tavern and test your wit at some of our favorite newly minted national pastimes like our previously mentioned trivia game “NAY, POXY KNAVE!” & “Stoneface”, where thou who has not a face of stone will surely be the first to lose! 

	To no one's surprise, The esteemed Sweaty Owl Carnival and Casino will return, mostly because we cannot seem to figure out where they are coming in from! For your entertainment, we have embraced our plight, and we suspect them to have in tow a litany of your favorite gambling tables and popular carnival games like “Wheel of Fate” and “Temorse’s Tablets!” 

All of these festivities we expect will pale in comparison to the challenge and spectacle that we here in Shadowdragon have spent the last few months preparing for you all on Saturday night.  We cordially invite you to test your survival skills in what its designers are calling The Fated Arena. Experience what it was like to live in an Idaris long past, one deep beneath the dome of the planar shield stone.  All enter with nothing but their drive to live, to win , and we expect only one to survive. We have meticulously hidden caches across the mysterious landscape to aid in your endeavors, but find them quickly lest the Miasma take you! What will be your strategy to survive the endless hordes of evil and danger? Do you have what it takes to be this year's victor?

	In true Blackwood fashion, if you have not the skill to survive the night, but the coin to get in on the action,  High Mage Irri will be running a scrying pool where you can test your luck in real time by putting money behind your friends, and maybe even send them some boons to use against your enemies!  

Once the festivities begin to wrap, Sunday will bring more tournaments that will culminate in an awards ceremony, and for those more interested in saving a comrade than testing their metal in the ring, the opportunity to heed the song of a lost friend has presented itself. The path will be clear but have you the skill to navigate it in time?

We could go on at length about any of these happenings, but our words will not compare to the thrill and excitement you will receive from experiencing them first hand.  Come to Blackwood Tournaments XI: The Fated Arena, we excitedly await your caravan!


We are excited to host another year of Blackwood Tournaments! We'll be offering a series of tournaments throughout the weekend followed by a new survival tournament Saturday evening! As a note, some tournaments this year may include mechanics that may get you or your garb wet. (You will be able to opt out of these tournaments if you wish to do so.)  

As usual we will be providing some light faire throughout the weekend and a dinner Saturday night on dinner break! If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please be sure to include them in your registration by July 7th, 2024. 

What can you expect? 

Friday: A good variety of activities including trivia, a Stacked Deck tournament, tabletop games, carnival games and small group missions. 

Saturday Day: A mixture of individual and small team tournaments with a combination of heavy combat, caster focuses and strategy. 

Saturday Night: We will be introducing a new survival tournament that will take place of our normal quest slot. 

Sunday: The Lunar Aegis will be hosting a timed quest to rescue Sparrowsong!
Event Wrap-up
Now that few days have passed, the Blackwood Tournaments XI Staff would like to take a brief moment to extend our greatest appreciation to everyone who made this past weekend a possibility! We came into the weekend with big ideas and a new format and truthfully it would not have been viable without every single one of you who turned out! The list of thanks is long, but each one is important, so bare with us. First and foremost we would like to thank our family, Blackwood, for the energy they brought this weekend, there wasn't a single moment that one of you weren’t ready to jump in to assist as needed. Throwing an event truly takes a village, this weekend surely proved that.

Thank you to; Adam B. for jumping head first into Saturday night’s content in an unexpected but engaging way as one of our “hazards”, Anna H. for running the Sweaty Owl Carnival content on Friday evening, running the logistics side of the Fated Arena Saturday evening, literally running around all weekend and NPC’ing on Sunday, Alyssa W. for hosting the Calligraphy tournament, Ben L. for helping write the Stoneface content for Friday evening, bringing the Earowan Green Forge to site for new players, literally being my [Dani’s] set of hands all weekend and taking on and running the on field tournaments/ being one of our marshals, Dustin M. for running the non-com tournaments and activities & taking pictures all weekend, James M. for running the stacked deck tournament, being one of our on field combat marshals, being totally not Tao on Saturday evening running our Fated Arena bets & for NPC’ing the Lunar Aegis quest on Sunday, Jon J. for dropping off and lending us a pop-up tent for the weekend, Kahra V. for stepping in to assist during Saturday night, Keith C. for writing and running the Alchemy Dungeon, stepping into a last minute face role on Sunday and for overall being a bouncing board prior to and throughout the weekend, Ken D. for allowing the Lunar Aegis to throw content for Sparrowsong and being extremely flexible and understanding throughout the entire process, to the Lunar Aegis; Sarah F. & Nataliya K. for helping make Sunday’s content exist, both of you were vital to Sunday’s quest, Lynn B. for helping in the shoothouse, jumping into the kitchen to help make things run smoothly, being a runner on Saturday evening and watching out for the dancing girls at the fires, Mackenzie G. for making sure we had kids content to throw, Matt B. for being an on field combat marshal when needed and running and teaching live steel for us, Matthew H. for hosting Vesper’s Shoot house, MJ R. for assisting in the shoothouse, Neil T. for lending us another pop-up and for being a kobold all day in the heat box that was the shoot house, Seamus for providing the materials for live steel, rouge and lock picking tournaments, helping in the shoot house all day, Sean F. for dealing on Friday evening, assisting in the shoothouse, being a runner on Saturday evening and NPC’ing on Sunday, Steve N. for being an on field marshall and NPC’ing on Sunday, Tim S. for assisting staff in whatever was needed for cleanup on Sunday to ensure we got offsite in time and Wes for helping in the shoothouse! 

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all of our fantastic players! From Tavern time, tournaments, fires and quests overall the liveliness and spirit you all brought to the field is why we continue to do what we do. We threw out some traditional tournaments mixed with a lot of new & quirky ideas this weekend and you all took that in stride and brought an amazing vibe to the weekend. We can not thank you enough for making this weekend as fantastic as it was. That all being said, we would love to hear some of your feedback on the event so we continuously improve our content. If you have a moment we encourage you to head over to realmsnet to leave a review and/or fill out our PEL (coming out in just a few days!)

Looking forward to seeing you next year,
Blackwood Tournaments XI Staff ⚔️
Dani, Emma & Jamie
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