Standing Policy Regarding COVID Restrictions

Enacted on February 27th, 2021
Lasts until further notice

  • EHCs shall be held virtually, rather than in person. Attendance is open to anyone who held a legal event during 2019 or 2020. EHs who held a legal event in 2019 but not in 2020 must have attended at least 6 events (including their own) in 2019 to be eligible to vote. At these EHCs, no gameplay proposals will be passed.
    • These virtual EHCs shall be preceded by virtual Players’ Meetings, at each of which Players’ Representatives will be elected to attend the virtual EHC. At these virtual Players’ Meetings, no gameplay proposals will be passed.
  • For the purpose of magic items only, any EH that currently has a magic item on the list is considered to have received credit for holding an event each year that this standing policy has been in place.
  • Event Holders who threw events in 2019 or 2020 shall remain on the EH mailing list at least until two years after this standing policy is removed.
  • There shall be no in-person Realms events.
  • Nobody shall advertise an in-person gathering to the Realms community, where advertising is defined as anything that includes:
    • Posting on the RealmsNet calendar
    • Mailing to any public RealmsNet mailing lists or the EH list
    • Posting to the Realms Facebook or Discord groups
    • Posting to the View from Valehaven or Creathorne Chronicles
  • Additionally, anyone who breaks the above two rules will be banned from organizing or attending any in-person event advertised to the Realms community until expressly granted permission to return by a majority vote of an EHC or an Emergency EH Meeting.
  • An Emergency EH meeting to discuss or modify this Standing Policy can be called by any Event Holder if, out of responding EHs, 50% of the EH’s agree that a meeting is required.